ESPN, the largest sports network in the United States, specially prepared graphics to highlight the performance of Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego) this season during the game between San Diego and LA Dodgers held at Petco Park on the 7th (Korean time). . When the timing came during Kim Ha-seong’s second at-bat in the 3rd inning, he sent it out and continued to praise.토토사이트

The graphic prepared by ESPN was the ranking of victory contribution (WAR) against field substitutes this season compiled by ‘Baseball Reference’. WAR, which is evaluated as the favorite of the Saber Matrix, is widely used by fans and experts as well as clubs to refer to it in decision-making. Although it cannot be said to be 100% accurate in determining the value of a player, it is an intuitive figure and is often used as a reference.

In the United States, WAR usually uses the tally of ‘Baseball Reference’ and ‘Fan Graph’, but the point of ESPN graphics was that Kim Ha-seong recorded 5.6 in the tally of ‘Baseball Reference’ and was running second in this category. The first place is Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta‧5.7), slightly ahead of Ha-seong Kim. If Ha-seong Kim’s recent performance continues and Acuña Jr. falters for a while, the first place may change.

Ha-seong Kim was followed by prominent players such as Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers‧5.1), Freddy Freeman (LA Dodgers‧5.1), Juan Soto (San Diego‧4.6), and Luis Araes (Miami‧4.5). It’s not that Kim Ha-seong is the second-ranked player in the league, but it can still be seen as an indicator of his great performance this season. ESPN broadcasters also praised him, saying, “He is ranked second in WAR among fielders,” and “He is a player who can make a difference on defense, and he is having the best season of his career on offense.”

There is also criticism that the tally of ‘Baseball Reference’ gives a lot of defensive weight. However, even if you look at the tally of ‘Fan Graph’, Kim Ha-sung’s beast WAR is at the top of the league. As of the 7th tally, Kim Ha-seong also recorded a WAR of 4.2 in the ‘Fan Graph’, ranking 8th among beasts.

The players in front of Kim Ha-seong are all superstars who can nod their heads and are players who have been outstanding this season. Ronald Acuña Jr. (6.1) leads here as well, Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels‧5.7), Freddie Freeman (5.8), Mookie Betts (5.1), Juan Soto (4.5), Louis Roberts (Chicago White Sox‧4.4), Marcus Only Simeon (Texas‧4.3). Until the season, no one expected Ha-seong Kim to become a player competing with them. It is such an amazing discovery.

If you look at the tally of ‘Fan Graph’, Kim Ha-sung’s indicators that have changed dramatically come in. It is generally assumed that Ha-seong Kim would have made a lot of contributions on defense, but this season is not necessarily the case. Of course, Kim Ha-sung’s defensive contribution is recording a fairly high plus score (6.3). By the way, he is also recording 21.2 on offense. He has a higher offensive contribution than Simeon (16.6), who recorded 17 homers and 70 RBIs this year. Ha-seong Kim is showing that he is not only good at defending, but also very good at attacking.

But is it because he is not a national star or a player with a high salary yet? The poor treatment of local media and gamblers is still the same. It does not mean that Kim Ha-seong is a player running in the National League MVP race right away, but no one is acknowledging him as a candidate. 2nd place in the National League WAR based on ‘Baseball Reference’ and 5th place in the National League WAR based on ‘Fan Graph’, but no place is selected as an MVP candidate.

On the 7th (Korean time), US CBS Sports pointed out the competitive structure in various categories this season. At this point, Ronald Acuna Jr. was selected as the National League MVP. Since he is such a great player, there is no disagreement at all so far. Freddie Freeman was selected as the runner-up. Also, there is not much difference. However, there was no name of Kim Ha-seong in the candidate group. I only mentioned the names of Luis Araes, Juan Soto, and Matt Olsen (Atlanta), but Kim Ha-seong was left out.

The name of Kim Ha-seong cannot be found even in the MVP dividend of gamblers. As of the 7th, as of the 7th, Acuna Junior is overwhelmingly in first place with -330 in the National League MVP dividend tally compiled by ‘Sports Betting Dime’. It is followed by Mookie Betts (+600), Freddie Freeman (+1200) and Juan Soto (+3000). This is a point that can be understood even without Kim Ha-sung’s name.

But Corbin Carroll (+3500), Luis Arraes (+4200), Matt Olsen (+5000), Paul Goldschmidt (+5000), Fernando Tatis Jr. (+7500), Christian Yelich (+7500), Pete Alonso ( +8000), but Kim Ha-seong’s name is nowhere to be found. Even Ketel Marte (+15000) is in the candidate group, albeit with a slim probability, but Kim Ha-seong did not even fall within this category.

The reality is that Kim Ha-sung’s chances of winning MVP are very low. It’s understandable that they couldn’t be among the top candidates when looking at their objective grades and impact. However, it can be a bit disappointing to not even be among the lower candidates. Ha-sung Kim is not even in the ‘TOP 15’. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Ha-seong will be able to join the ranks at the end of the season after making a big success.

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