Choi Ji-man (31, Pittsburgh), who failed to join the World Baseball 온라인바카라 Classic 카지노 baseball team, expressed deep regret.

Choi Ji-man said in a statement on the 6th, “I received a final notification from the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) that I cannot play for the WBC national team.” I expressed my opposition to participating in the WBC because of my elbow surgery history, and based on this, the WBCI held an injury review committee and finally made a decision not to allow me to participate in the WBC.” The KBO selected Choi Ji-hoon (25, SSG) as Choi Ji-hoon’s substitute that day.

Last year, Choi Ji-man underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Pittsburgh was concerned about a recurrence of the injury and opposed Choi Ji-man’s participation in the WBC.

Choi Ji-man, who lost the Taegeuk mark, expressed regret. Choi Ji-man said, “Not only me, but all athletes, regardless of sport, would have dreamed of running as a representative of the country wearing a national flag on their chest.” Maybe it’s because I had high expectations. The disappointment and frustration with the decision to not be accepted is also very great.”

It’s even more regrettable because my physical condition has improved. Choi Ji-man said, “I had elbow surgery, which the team was concerned about, but I returned to the United States and was going through a normal rehabilitation process, and recently there was no problem enough to go live betting.” I was improving my physical condition according to the schedule for the first round of the WBC, so the disappointment I feel is so great and it hurts.”

promised the next opportunity. Choi Ji-man said, “Even though my dream of joining the national team collapsed due to the influence of the surrounding environment against my will, if I am given another opportunity next time, I want to achieve my dream of becoming a national team member.” If I digest it, I think there will be an opportunity to contribute to the country in a better way.”

He also asked for the national team’s promotion. Choi Ji-man said, “Even though I couldn’t participate in the WBC, as a Korean citizen, I will cheer for Korea so that it can achieve good results in this tournament.” will be uploaded. Korea Fighting!”, he concluded his statement.

Choi Ji-man recorded 11 home runs and 52 RBIs with a batting average of .233 in 113 games at Tampa Bay last year. He was traded to Pittsburgh after the season.

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