The Bayern Munich captains drew attention by mentioning Kim Min-jae’s leadership temperament. 

Germany’s ‘Kicker’ reported on the 24th (Korean time) that Thomas Müller (34) and Joshua Kimmich (28) positively evaluated Kim Min-jae, who was newly added for this season.토토사이트 

Müller and Kimmich are Munich vice-captains. He is at the center of the team by helping captain and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (37). As Neuer is away due to injury, the influence of Müller and Kimmich within the team is even greater. 

The Bayern Munich team participated in the Paulaner event, one of the club’s official sponsors and beer brands. She went out wearing ‘lederhosen’, a traditional German outfit, leather shorts. 

This event is held ahead of the annual Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is an international beer festival held in Munich, Germany every year from late September to early October.

Following ‘Number One’ Neuer, ‘Number 2’ Müller said of Minjae Kim, “I really like him.”

‘Number 3’ Kimmich, who was one of the first colleagues to greet Kim Min-jae when he joined, also said, “He’s a very funny person.” He gives orders and helps us a lot.” 

This evaluation of the Munich team is interesting in that it shows Kim Min-jae’s leadership temperament. Kim Min-jae led the defensive line in Naples last season and experienced the top of Serie A in 33 years. 

Kim Min-jae impressed the fans by strongly encouraging his teammates every time he played. During the match against Empoli, Min-jae Kim yelling at Frank Jambo-Anguisa (28) and Leo Estigor (24, above Napoli) became a hot topic. 

In particular, Kim Min-jae’s leader temperament drew more attention at the Qatar World Cup last December. Min-jae Kim shouted with a dissatisfied expression toward Min-jae Kim, who continued to protest to the referee during the group stage match against Uruguay in the first group H match. 

When Son Heung-min continued to appeal to the referee as the Uruguayan players continued to put pressure on him, Min-jae Kim raised his hand and shouted at Son Heung-min, “Get out,” which was captured. 

In response, Kim Min-jae appeared on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ in December of last year, and about the scene that became a hot topic online, he said, “The picture came out like that, so I think I said something to Heung-min hyung, (at the time) it was a goal kick situation.” has been revealed 

Then, he explained, “Heung-min hyung kept sticking to the referee and protesting,” and “now I had to concentrate on watching the ball.” He judged that at the critical moment when he had to attack, Son Heung-min was wasting time. On this day, Kim Min-jae attended the Munich event with beer mugs with Serge Gnabri and Matthais de Ligt, and said, “The traditional costumes are very comfortable. I am looking forward to visiting Oktoberfest with our team.” I will work hard to become a .” He smiled.

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