Ozil’s eye-opening game management skills
‘iron wall defense’ that does not require adaptation period ‘excellent feat’ after
2 years of entering European soccer

has risen literally in the last three years. Based on Transfermarkt, a media specializing in the transfer market, it has risen nearly 10 times from 6.5 million euros (about 9.2 billion won) in 2021 to 60 million euros (about 85.2 billion won) now.카지노사이트

It is difficult to find a case where the market value has been raised like this, starting with the Chinese league. Centerback Kim Min-jae was also named in the best 11 by Transfermarkt, which is composed of players whose market value has increased significantly by position. Kim Min-jae’s market value rose to 28.5 million euros in the past year alone.

Kim Min-jae’s current market value is ranked 10th in the German Bundesliga and 8th among center backs worldwide. This contract was recorded as the third highest transfer fee payment in Bayern’s history. This vertical increase in ransom was possible because he proved his worth by playing a big role in each team he went to.

Kim Min-jae transferred from Beijing Guoan (China) to Fenerbahce (Turkiye) in August 2021, bringing 3 million euros in transfer fee revenue to Beijing Guoan. At the time, his market value was just 2 million euros, less than his transfer fee. However, he received rave reviews from his teammate and star player Mesut Ozil, who played for Real Madrid (Spain), as a player reminiscent of Sergio Ramos (Paris Saint-Germain).

Ozil’s vision was correct. After two months, in October of that year, Kim Min-jae’s market value more than tripled to 6.5 million euros. Kim Min-jae developed into a key defender of the team in his debut season, and thanks to his performance, Fenerbahçe succeeded in entering the top two in four years. After the season, the top 5 European league clubs, including Napoli (Italy), Stade Rennes (France), England’s West Ham, and Everton, were aiming for him. Fenerbahce tapped the calculator, demanding a minimum transfer fee of 15 million euros.

Kim Min-jae made a new nest in Naples in July of last year with a transfer fee of 18.05 million euros. Even in Naples, Kim Min-jae did not need a period of adaptation. He started in 35 league games, excluding 3 games missed due to warning accumulation and physical distribution, and led the team to a Serie A victory in 33 years by leading 15 of them without conceding a goal. Kim Min-jae emerged as a rare key player among defenders, and his market value soared to 60 million euros.

Kim Min-jae is 190 cm tall and not very tall for a center back, but he made up for his weakness with his excellent game management skills. Although his number of aerial duels was not in the top 25 in the league, his dueling win percentage was in the top 15. The number of interceptions and blocked shots also ranked in the top 10. The Transfermarkt praised the figure, saying that it is a figure that shows that Kim Min-jae is in the right place at the right time, and if I were to choose one word to describe him, I would pick ‘trust’.

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