Sasuke Keisuke (29, Japan) expressed satisfaction with the Road to UFC opening round match against Kim Sang-won (30).

UFC, the world’s No. 1 organization, launched Road to UFC in 2022, an Asian mixed martial arts prospect contest that qualifies winners of tournaments by weight category. The season kicks off on May 27 at the China Performance Institute Shanghai.

Sas will play Kim Sang-won in the 2023 Road to UFC Featherweight (-66kg) quarterfinals. “From the first game, it is a champion match between Japan and Korea. I think it’s good,” he responded.

It means that it is welcome because it can attract attention with a picture of domestic team champions facing each other without feeling burdened by the Korea-Japan match. The time when Kim Sang-won reached the top of the Korean ‘Double G’ and SARS Japan’s Shooto Featherweight is the same as 2021.메이저사이트

Sas said, “Of course, there are many good fighters in Road to UFC,” but “I’m not thinking about the next match yet.”

Kim Sang-won ▲ 2016 Fighting Nexus (Japan) 1 loss ▲ 2018-2022 Hex Fight Series (Australia) 2 wins ▲ 2019 Pankration (Russia) 1 win 1 loss ▲ 2020-2022 Brawl (Guam) 1 win 1 loss, etc. Experience in various international competitions is the biggest advantage.

Sars won a one-match match after being eliminated in the Road to UFC quarterfinals last season. As it is the 3rd match of Road to UFC, it could be better than Kim Sang-won in terms of adaptation.

Kim Sang-won is active in mixed martial arts in five countries ▲Jack Jenkins (30, Australia) currently active in the UFC ▲Konstantin Kireev (38, Russia), winner of the Pankration Featherweight Tournament ▲GRACHAN Bantamweight (-61kg) champion Ito Guya (27, Japan) defeated AFC featherweight champion Moon Ki-beom (34).

Yi Ji (26, China), who defeated SARS in the first edition of the 2022 Road to UFC, took second place in the tournament. Sas captured China’s ‘Zhanjuecheng’ lightweight (-70kg) champion Bara Jin (31) in a single fight at the Road to UFC.

The fact that Lee was revealed as a strong player who made it to the finals last season and won a unanimous decision victory over a strong fighter in a higher weight class in a one match is probably the reason SARS was given a chance to try again at Road to UFC.

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