Korea and Japan, which will meet in the first round of the WBC (World Baseball Classic), have completed the starting rotation sketch until the quarterfinals. As predicted by the Japanese media, Yu Darvish (San Diego) will start for the Korea-Japan match on the 20th.메이저사이트

Japan’s Nikkan Sports said on the 20th, “Loki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte) threw 37 pitches from the bullpen on the last day of the first turn of the national team camp on the 19th. In the WBC next month, the selection against the Czech Republic on the 11th, the third match of the first round, is likely. Tohoku ( There is a high possibility that Sasaki, who is from Northeast Japan, will debut in an international competition on March 11 (the day the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred).”

The media predicted the rotation of the game to be held in Tokyo with the news of Sasaki’s pitching in the bullpen. First of all, Shohei Ohtani (Angels) will play the first match against China on the 9th. Darvish will be in charge of the match against Korea on the 10th, Sasaki will be in charge of the match against the Czech Republic on the 11th, and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix) will be in charge of the match against Australia on the 12th.

If Japan advances to the second round, the quarterfinals will be held on the 16th. Nikkan Sports predicted that Darvish would appear consecutively after Ohtani in this game.

However, Sankei Sports had a different expectation. On the 9th, Yamamoto was predicted as the starter for the match against China. This is why it is not easy for Ohtani to start on the 9th, considering the joining schedule and the national team training schedule.

Sankei Sports said, “Ohtani will pitch for the Angels on the 2nd of next month against Milwaukee. After that, he will return to Japan and join the national team on the 4th. The training days until the first game of the finals will be the 5th and 8th (the 6th and 7th are evaluation matches). “However, there is a possibility that he will start against China on the 9th due to schedule adjustments, and there is a possibility that he will start the match after the 11th after throwing in the evaluation matches on the 6th and 7th.”

Anyway, both media are excluding the scenario of Ohtani’s start against Korea and Japan on the 10th. In the end, for Korea to meet Ohtani, the match between Korea and Japan must take place again in the final.

Ohtani will only be a starting pitcher in this tournament. It was because there was a request from his team, the Angels. With Ohtani able to start, the next match between Korea and Japan will be the final on the 22nd. In other words, Korean batters will not meet Ohtani again unless both Korea and Japan reach the final.

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