The performance of the Czech national team, which once had no place in Europe, a baseball periphery, is showing a better structure than expected. Japan, who is said to be the strongest, also struggled in the early stages of the game. It turns out that Korea and Australia are not easy opponents to watch.

Japan is struggling more than expected at the beginning of the game with the Czech Republic in Group B in the first round of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) finals held at the Tokyo Dome on the 11th. A mistake was the cause of the loss, so I conceded first, and the other line did not completely break through the opponent’s selection. The prospect that ‘it could end with a 5th call game’ was colorless, and Japan showed a look of embarrassment.

Japan struggled in the early stages of the game against China on the 9th, but calmly scored and won in the middle, and in the match against Korea on the 10th, both pitches and other players showed good organization, and won 13-4. Indeed, it was evaluated as one of the strongest candidates to win the competition. The power of the Czech Republic, which consists of players who play ‘two jobs’ in Japan, seemed infinitely weak. However, the Czech Republic took the lead.

The Czech Republic shocked the Tokyo Dome in the first inning with Hloop hitting a double against Loki Sasaki, a talent Japan is proud of. It was a perfect double that hit Sasaki’s powerful fastball lightly and flew it to the side of the left fielder. Then, when Chervenka’s shortstop grounded, the opponent threw an error and got the first point.

Even if one point was chosen as an error, the next one was surprising. Czech starter Satoria struck out both Nutba and Kondo in the first inning, followed by Ohtani, the top star of the tournament, with a ground ball from first base, surprising social media. He also struck out Murakami in the second inning. He got hit by Yoshida and gave Yamada a walk, so he was driven to 1st and 2nd base, but he blocked the follow-up hit and showed his potential by not allowing a run. 온라인카지노

Although the game was overturned with 3 runs in the 3rd inning leading 1-0. However, it was only lacking in strength, and it was difficult to find the defensive miss and clumsy play that are characteristic of baseball in the periphery. Rather, the defense showed more than expected. As for the game itself, Japan and Korea are likely to win in the end, but if Korea also struggles in the early stages of the game, the game can be surprisingly difficult.

Assuming that Japan wins the match, Korea should first win the game against the Czech Republic, which will be held from 12:00 pm on the 12th, and then watch the match between Australia and the Czech Republic on the 13th. Even if Australia fails to win against Japan, if it wins against the Czech Republic on the 13th, it will secure three wins and automatically advance to the second round. If that happens, the match between Korea and China, which will follow from 7:00 p.m., will lose its meaning.

Conversely, if the Czech Republic captures Australia, Korea will also have a chance. This is because there is a possibility that Korea, Australia, and the Czech Republic will achieve a tie with 2 wins and 2 losses. First of all, Korea is in a pitiful situation where it has to beat the Czech Republic by a wide margin and hope that the Czech Republic will catch Australia.

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