‘Indonesia Park Ji-sung’ Asnawi Mangku Alam 먹튀검증 (24, Jeonnam) was sincere. Asnawi is the first player from Southeast Asia in the K-League. Asnawi succeeded in settling in the K-League, and the Southeast Asian Quarter wind blew in the K-League 2 this winter. Seoul E-Land brought Nguyen Van Toan, Cheonan FC brought Nguyen Kanan and Bumin Hieu, and Vietnamese players. They are the disciples of director Park Hang-seo. Cheongju FC recruited Cogileswaran Raj from Malaysia for the first time in K-League history. Asnawi, who met at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do on the 16th, said, “It is a great honor for me to be the first Southeast Asian quarter player in the K-League. I hope more players from Southeast Asia come to the K-League. Of course, Southeast Asian players There may be prejudice against players, but I want to break it. It is true that it is not easy for Southeast Asian players to advance overseas,” he said. “If more players come, it can be of great help to me. I want to help them advance, and to that end. I will always do my best.”

He said that he would actively help other Southeast Asian players, befitting the K-League’s ‘Southeast Asian quarter eldest brother’. He said, “If I have time, I want to meet them. Of course, I will fight with soccer for 90 minutes at the stadium, but after it is over, I should be like a family. A real friend is a friend who helps me when I am in trouble.” He also gave advice, saying, “I have to work harder than now to keep my current position, and continue to give faith to my colleagues and the club.”

Asnawi left Ansan Greeners this winter and wore the Jeonnam uniform. He was interested in various teams, but his heart was moved by the sincerity of Jeonnam. Asnawi said, “Compared to other clubs, Jeonnam was serious. There were difficulties in the negotiation process, but they were the most active.” I also communicated with Indonesian director Shin Tae-yong. Asnawi said, “The coach’s advice also had an impact.” Minister Lee and Jeonnam coach also smiled, saying, “Thanks to Shin’s help in the negotiation process, we were able to recruit Asnawi.”

Asnawi, who suffered from unsuitable positions or tactics during Ansan, had high expectations for playing in Jeonnam, where aggressive football using the side was played. He said, “Director Lee gave me a lot of advice, perhaps because he played in my position during my active career,” and “Now, in Jeonnam, I am playing in the position I do best. Manager Lee also said, “After working together, they are excellent offensively. The regrettable part was the position and response to the defense. While communicating with coach Shin Tae-yong, we talked about the strengths. Last year, I chose Asnawi because I showed good movement as a sideback. I guarantee that your choice will not be in vain,” he raised his thumb.

“I want to record more goals or assists this season than last year. My goal is 10 attack points,” said Asnawi, “I chose Jeonnam because my dream coincided with the coach.” The dream he talks about was ‘K League 1’.

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