“Three of our key players are going to be out, and I hope they do well. We’re ready.”

It’s the season to win the Korean Series, and the Asian Games are coming up. The departure of three key players is inevitable.먹튀검증

The KBO will not be suspended during the Hangzhou Asian Games. It’s an ironic position for a team with such a good roster to have to deal with departures during the regular season.

LG was initially expected to lose Jung Woo-young, Go Woo-seok and Moon Bo-kyung. Lee Min-ho, Kim Yoon-sik, and other Young Gun starters have become less likely. Recently, Park Myung-geun has been on the rise.

LG will play the final game of the midweek series against the Kiwoom Heroes at the Gocheok Sky Dome on the 8th. “It depends on who is sent out, but we are prepared,” said LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop before the game, adding, “If things go differently than expected, we could take some damage.”

“I think Jung Woo-young and Park Myung-geun might be switched. If Jung Woo-young-Park Myung-geun goes, it’s the best option because Go Woo-seok will stay, and if it’s Park Myung-geun-Go Woo-seok, it’s the worst. Park Myung-geun can be the closer, but Jung Woo-young is not a save pitcher.”

“I decided that the wild card should be 30 or younger, so we don’t have to worry about Park Dong-won going,” Yoon said, adding, “I don’t think they’ll pick Park Myung-geun, Jung Woo-young or Go Woo-seok.” As for Go’s condition, “I’m not worried.

As for Go Woo-seok’s condition, he said, “I’m not worried, but he hasn’t felt the game yet. Since he pitched yesterday, he will rest today, and from the weekend, he will pitch a series of pitches.” “We should have won yesterday, but we used up our best pitches and lost…” he said.

On this day, the results of the May monthly MVP voting were announced. Park Dong-won won the monthly MVP award over Lim Chan-kyu. It was LG’s first monthly MVP in four years since Peguero in 2019. “Since (Park) won the award, as a coach, I will choose Im Chan-kyu as the May MVP in my heart,” said Yeom.

The Asian Games roster will be announced on the 9th.

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