The second season of Kim Do-young (20), the future of the KIA Tigers, opens. Kim Do-young promised to “compete in good faith at a high place” with Hanwha Eagles Moon Dong-ju (20), his motive for joining the pro team.

Kim Do-young graduated from Dongseong High School in Gwangju last year and was named the 1st player of his hometown team, KIA. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk put his hopes on Kim Do-young, who even heard the modifier ‘the second Lee Jong-beom’. Even in the exhibition game, he performed well with a batting average of 0.432 and two homers. But his professional world was fierce. His regular season performance was 0.237 batting average, 3 home runs and 19 RBIs in 103 games.

However, from the second half, Kim Do-young showed his true value little by little. In the 45 games he’s played since July, he has a batting average of 0.289 (26 hits in 90 at-bats). He also had 9 stolen bases utilizing his quick feet. His defense also improved with experience. In this year’s demonstration game, Kim Do-young continued his momentum with a batting average of 0.295, 2 home runs and 8 RBIs.

On the 30th at Media Day, Doyoung Kim’s face was mixed with confidence. Kim Do-young said, “I think I adjusted my pace better this year than last year. If I do well from the start, I think the season will be over.” He continued, “Last year’s experience was great. I am very grateful to coach Kim Jong-guk. He continued to take me to the first team and gave me a chance. Hearing about the experiences my brothers had on the bench was also helpful.” Sunbin Kim, a senior who attended Media Day together, made her juniors laugh by saying, “Everything about Doyoung is her strength.”

Kim Do-young practiced mainly as a third baseman and shortstop. He made an error at the end of the exhibition game, but his ability to follow the ball has definitely improved. Kim Do-young said, “I can roughly handle incoming hits. There were some dizzy parts when I went back and forth (position). But I practiced a lot, so I was filled up.” He continued, “I want to show a sense of stability in defense this year. I feel that I hit the bound well with my feet, and the number of defenses has increased.”

Director Kim Jong-guk, who was a former king of stolen bases and helped Park Chan-ho to become king of stolen bases, emphasized ‘mobility’ after taking office. But last year it didn’t. This year is different. If Kim Do-young and Park Chan-ho form table setters, they will boast the best mobility among the 10 clubs. Even in the demonstration game, the two showed the appearance of stirring up the opponent’s mound and infield several times.

Kim Do-young said, “Actually, I didn’t think of that at first. People around me say that, but if that happens, it will be a warning to the opposing pitcher. I think it will be a plus factor for the team. If it goes well, our team can go to a higher place.” said 메이저사이트

Moon Dong-ju is an inseparable name for Kim Do-young. Moon Dong-ju, who attended Gwangju Jinheung High School, was also the first candidate for the nomination, and KIA, which had abundant pitching resources, chose Kim Do-young. Moon Dong-ju, who throws a fastball, wore the Hanwha uniform, which had the national first nomination.

Unfortunately, the two failed to live up to expectations side by side last year. However, Moon Dong-ju also improved from the second half of last year, and this spring he settled into the starting lineup. Kim Do-young said, “To be honest, neither Dong-ju nor I showed anything last year. I want to quickly go to a high place and compete in good faith.”

What is Kim Do-young’s goal for the 2023 season? “No,” he declared. If he does, he will be a full-time starter. Kim Do-young said, “He doesn’t have a number set. However, if he plays full-time, I think the numbers will follow.”

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