“We don’t have enough time to take control of the ball.”

Since taking charge of Suwon Samsung, Kim Byung-soo has managed four league matches and one in the Korean Football Association (FA) Cup. In five games, he has a record of two wins and three losses. In the league alone, they’ve won one and lost three. The results are not satisfactory, but there is a definite change in his approach.메이저사이트

The keyword is ‘initiative’. Kim is focusing on increasing ball possession time with the wingbacks pushing forward, even while playing a three-back. “The focus is on playing a good game,” says Kim, “and we don’t have enough time on the ball. That’s the problem. We need to get that back first. We need to start by fighting equally with our opponents.”

Kim’s first game in charge, against Ulsan Hyundai (36 per cent), was followed by games against Gangwon FC (47 per cent) and Jeonbuk Hyundai (38 per cent). However, in Round 15 against Jeju United, despite coming from behind to lose 1-2, they controlled the game for much of the match. Suwon had 67 per cent of the ball in the first half. In the second half, they were pushed back by Jeju, but still had 59 per cent overall possession. It was the highest percentage in four league games under Kim.

Of course, possession is not a guarantee of victory. However, controlling possession and increasing time of possession also means that the opposition will have to concede fewer threatening shots. Suwon’s current position at the bottom of the table means they need results.

This is where the midfield trio of Ko Seung-bum, Han Seok-jong, and Kim Bo-kyung come into play. This midfield combination is as good as any in K League 1. The offensive balance isn’t bad either. All three are good at ball possession and keeping, as well as getting forward.

Han Seok-jong, who joined Suwon in the summer of 2020, is a midfielder who lacks pace but has excellent ball possession and passing skills. He was a regular in the 2020 and 2021 seasons, but lost his prominence last season due to a series of injuries. This season, he also had fewer chances early on. Since Kim’s arrival, he has played 260 minutes in three games.

Kim has used the similarly stylised Hankyung as a key resource during his time at Gangwon FC. The overall coordination and operation of the game started at his feet. If Han Seok-jong can get fitter and become a presence in the back three, it will free up Go Seung-beom and Kim Bo-kyung to take the pressure off the defence and create more offensive opportunities. If they can find their rhythm and divide their roles, it will be a huge boost for Suwon.

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