“Passing the group stage is the first goal. There is more excitement than tension.”

Head coach Kim Eun-joong, who is leading the U-20 national soccer team and stepping on the stage of the FIFA U-20 World Cup finals, unveiled a blueprint to compete with strong pressure and speed.

Coach Kim said at the Media Day event held at the Paju National Team Training Center prior to departure on the 7th, “I am confident that we will play a great game.” I stressed it to the players,” he said.

In this tournament, which was originally scheduled to be held in Indonesia but suddenly changed to Argentina, Korea competes in Group F. Starting with the match against France on the 23rd, against Honduras on the 26th, and against Gambia on the 29th, three group matches will be played to decide whether or not to advance to the round of 16.카지노사이트

Coach Kim said, “I am focusing on preparing for the first game against France,” and “I will analyze the second and third opponents after watching the game in person. (During the 10-day field training in Brazil prior to entering Argentina), I will focus on France and refine my defense organization and attacking options.”

Regarding the fact that Seong Jin-yeong (Korea University), who played the role of a key striker, and Lee Hyun-joo (Bayern Munich), who played the role of a key striker, fell from the horse due to injury, coach Kim said, “Two important players are missing at once, so the blow is huge.” set up,” he explained.

Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon), who is attracting attention as the center of attack to replace the two players, said, “It is a situation where expectations are greater than burdens.” “My goal is to reach the semifinals. I will challenge myself with more aggressive and bold play.”

Coach Kim said, “Strong pressure with physical stamina and quick turnover are the key to tactics,” and promised, “First of all, we will pass the group stage and then in the tournament, we will do our best in each game.”

The U-20 national team, which has completed official preparations such as taking a profile picture to be used during the tournament, will move to Brazil, the training ground, via Incheon International Airport. Before moving to Argentina, the final battleground, they train for 10 days in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the climate and time zone are the same, and enter Mendoza, Argentina, the venue for the match on the 17th.

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