‘Day Day’ Draymond Green안전놀이터 (33‧198cm) is one of the leading stars representing the prestigious Golden State Warriors along with Stephen Curry (35‧188cm) and Klay Thompson (33‧198cm). He is called one of the so-called franchise big 3, and among them, Green is considered a mysterious player. If you are one of the players who lead the Warriors, it is right to be in the ranks of superstars throughout the NBA.

This is because the Warriors are considered the best team that symbolizes the current era beyond a simple strong team. But if you ask if Green has that much of a stature in the league, he gets vague. He’s known as a key member of the Warriors’ dynasty and as a player with his own distinct character, but he’s a player who lacks a lot in the NBA as a whole.

Just looking at the power forward position, there are not many people who recognize him as a top player. This is especially true when you look at the averages of 8.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, 6.8 assists, 1 steal and 0.8 blocked shots last season. He’s versatile, but definitely not a record to discuss at the league level. This is the reason why there is a saying ‘Only in the Warriors is the king’.

Either way, Green has a lot of pride in himself. Compared to any player in the league, there is no way to kneel on your own. Even the legendary power forward Charles Barkley, who no one can disagree with as much as his skills during his active career, was belittled even to his professional career, saying, “He doesn’t deserve to talk about basketball with me.” Of course, it was Barkley who made the nerve-racking comments first. Nevertheless, it is true that it was shocking enough to think that Green was the first to openly disparage the career and skills of a player named Barkley.

Green’s spirit does not stop there. He is one of the best dirty players in the NBA. He frequently creates scenes close to violence as well as abusive language to the point of pouring out the highest level of technical fouls in the league. There are too many dangerous plays he has committed so far to enumerate. When the referee declares a foul right after the action, it is common to react with regret, but most of them are full of foul play that raises doubts about intention.

Eye stabbing or elbow strikes are standard, and scenes reminiscent of martial arts such as high kicks and body slams are directed on the court. He even doesn’t hesitate to kick off his romantic feelings or step on a fallen opponent. Without hesitation, he commits the risky act of grabbing the arm of an opponent attempting a dunk and throwing it in the air. Then, it is common to bet on the opposite side to the opponent who is shameless or angry. He even summoned all-time dirty players such as Bill Laimbeer and Bruce Bowen.

In fact, this kind of behavior also damages the Warriors. Appropriate fights can boost the team’s fighting power, but the team will suffer a great loss if they are sent off after receiving a technical foul or are punished later. In particular, in a series where the winner is determined by a few games, such as the playoffs, it spoils the atmosphere itself and provides the cause of defeat.

Nonetheless, Green is always in good spirits. Especially within the Warriors, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is not a man, and he speaks and acts without being afraid of anything in the world. It’s not for nothing that he says, “He’s the King of the Warriors.” There is no way that Green, who pours out vicious words even against a senior legend like Barkley outside, is calm in the home. 

He plays the role of leader along with Curry, the team’s signboard, but the bitter voice and villainous role are mainly up to Green. As a result, no matter who the opponent is, if it is intrusive to their eyes, they have no mercy. A case in point is her throwing a huge punch at Jordan Poole during team training. At the time, the incident became a hot topic not only locally but also abroad, and the team as well as the pool of people who were hit took an attitude not to make things big, and it was settled. However, Green often mentions the scene at the time through the media and commits secondary harm to the pool.

Players who came from outside must also endure the territorial attitude of the green. Fortunately, if the relationship is good, there will be no problem, but if you go out of sight even a little bit, you will get tired. Kevin Durant, who contributed to the championship twice, did that. At the time, Green had openly criticized Durant several times, drawing a line between his old members and the new outside superstar.

He seemed to snipe, saying, ‘No matter how great a player you are, you are just a stranger here.’ Recently, veteran point guard Chris Paul joined the Warriors. It is a tray with grass, but in a big way, it can be said that the green has contributed to this properly. Paul is a great point guard who dominated an era, but he’s not a green to worry about.

“I like his persistence, competitive spirit, and will to win. I will not,” he did not miss out on the territorial warning remarks. As with Durant, he seemed to be appealing that he was the real power here.

Of course, despite this, the team completed a new contract with Green for four years and $100 million. It is true that he is a troublesome character, but he also has many strengths beyond that. I don’t know about other teams, but the Warriors still need Green’s ability. This is because he plays a key role in each part of the Warriors’ offense and defense, including defense and passing game.

As they are still running with the goal of winning rather than rebuilding, the existing system itself is likely to be shaken if Green, a top-class defender and point forward, is missing. In addition, he cannot ignore the symbolism of being the protagonist who created and led the dynasty along with Curry and Thompson. The current Warriors, who have joined Paul, need to aim for additional championships while Curry is maintaining his skills.

Considering that most of the main members have entered the ranks of veterans, and that young and strong competing teams such as the Denver Nuggets are solidifying their positions one after another, it is never easy. However, it is clear that the possibility will increase if Green, who has renewed the contract under good conditions, has fewer accidents and can embrace the power from outside more generously. Fans want Green to be a sage, not a tyrant.

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