Will Kwon Kyung-won save China again?

Chinese media NetEase reported on the 3rd that it is likely that Kwon Kyung-won of Gamba Osaka will transfer to a team belonging to the Chinese Super League.토토사이트

The media replied, “Kwon Kyung-won, whose contract with Gamba Osaka has less than a year left, plans to sign a 2+1 year (option) contract with one of the strong domestic teams.”

Kwon Kyung-won has already played for Tianjin Tianhai in 2017. Kwon Kyung-won, who competed fiercely to occupy the mercenary quota (3 digits) among foreign players, including Alexandre Pato, who was called the future of AC Milan at the time, eventually beat other players and played an active role as a regular starter, leading the team to jump to the top of the league. showed great success.

At the time, Tianjin Tianhai was a team that had just been promoted from the top league, but thanks to the performances of foreign players including Kwon Kyung-won and the leadership of coach Fabio Cannavaro, they finished in 3rd place. In China,

the media additionally explained, “Kwon Kyung-won’s contract has less than a year left. The price is not expensive.”

There are three conditions for the team that can be guessed. It is a club that has suffered less problems due to wage arrears, etc., a team that can receive the title of ‘strong team’, and a team that has vacated the Asian quota. 

The two candidates are Wuhan Sanzhen and Shanghai Haigang. However, of the two teams, Shanghai Haigang has the best center back duo in China, such as Zhang Linfeng and Zhang Guangtai, who were active in Guangzhou Hengda, so the possibility of using Kwon Kyung-won as a central defender is extremely low.

Therefore, the team he will play in is most likely to be the Wuhan Sanjeon. Wuhan Sanzhen stood tall as the strongest team in the league in the first season of promotion, stopping Shandong Taishan’s second consecutive defeat in the 2022 season.

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