The Los Angeles Lakers’ miracle run came to a screeching halt in the conference finals.

LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers fell 111-113 to the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 of the 2022-23 NBA Western Conference Finals on Wednesday morning, ending their run to the NBA Finals.

The Lakers lost their ‘first ever Finals’ to the Denver Nuggets, who held on for the win.

Even though LeBron James, who was looking at the horizon, battled to the end with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and nine assists, the series was decided by the fact that double ace Anthony Davis (40 points in Game 1) alternated with LeBron James in a series of bad and good games.먹튀검증

Still, it was a happy season for the Lakers. Even before the All-Star break on February 20, the Lakers were 27-32 and in 13th place, with a playoff berth in doubt.

However, they overhauled their roster by releasing Russell Westbrook, who was draining the team’s energy, and acquiring Rui Hachimura, D’Angelo Russell, and others via trade.

It didn’t take long for the Lakers to rebound after the trade. They went 10-6 immediately after Westbrook’s departure.

In particular, D’Angelo Russell’s return from injury on Feb. 24 against the Golden State Warriors led the way, as he exploded for nearly 30 points every other game. It’s been a reversal of fortune for a team that didn’t bring in a lot of talent.

Even after acquiring Russell Westbrook in a three-way trade, the Los Angeles Clippers had virtually the same result as last year’s play-in elimination. They were swept in the first round by Phoenix in a 1-4 series.

Westbrook himself struggled in Game 1 with just nine points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists, but he played well as the second option behind Leonard.

However, Westbrook’s lackluster Game 1 resulted in the Clippers winning the series and losing the rest of the way, including a dominant Games 2 and 3, leading to an early playoff exit. The title we gave him midseason, “player who doesn’t matter if you win or lose,” was most apt.

The Lakers fought their way from the lowest seed to the Conference Finals. LeBron James’ game is still intact, but with someone to help him and Anthony Davis, the path to the Finals next season will be smoother.

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