Day One was expelled from professional basketball for failing to pay the team’s salary, but the players are still running with hope.
Even in difficult situations, they are firmly united around the reliable eldest brother and captain Kim Kang-sun.메이저사이트

In Goyang Gymnasium, where the afterglow of ‘moving basketball’, which wrote the miracle semifinal myth of last season, remains, former Day One players are sweating in the basement.

It is Captain Kim Kang-seon who leads those whose team disappeared overnight.

He went through a series of difficult situations, such as the sale of the club during the predecessor Orion and the expulsion during Day One, but as a captain, he went to the National Assembly as a representative and appealed for help.

Kim Kang-seon, the head of the family, took care of the juniors who were almost kicked out because of the difficult monthly rent, water and electricity bills, and thanks to that, the players came together more tightly.

With KBL’s support, this month’s salary and training grounds were met, but the future is still uncertain.

Despite difficulties, Kim Kang-seon, confident that the team that wrote the legend of the semifinals will do better in a better environment, silently prepares for ‘Impression Basketball Season 2’.

– “I want to see the whole team go to a good place and play impressive basketball again, because I don’t want to see them scattered.”

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