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Manchester City are on the verge of winning the Premier League.

The top play starts with a sensational wonder goal that led to 11 consecutive league victories.

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Man City’s expedition to Everton.

Gundogan finishes Mahrez’s cross with a sensational shot!

From the amazing thigh trapping to the volley shot that completely deceived the defense.

There is no movement today.

Two minutes later, he assisted Hollan’s header goal with an accurate cross and scored a sharp free kick goal in the second half.

It seems lightly kicked, but is it really sharp?

Man City, who ran 11 consecutive wins with a 3:0 victory!

If you add only 3 points from the remaining 3 matches, you will achieve the feat of winning 3 consecutive league titles.


Competitors Arsenal, on the other hand, are virtually away from winning as they suffered a 3-0 rout at home to Brighton.


Next is Barcelona.

After winning the Espanyol expedition and confirming the La Liga championship, the feeling of looking at the after-winner is a bit chilly.

Despite the booing of Espanyol fans, angry fans rush into the stadium as Barcelona’s ceremony continues.

Surprised players hurriedly escape, and dangerous situations unfold on the ground.먹튀검증

Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but it could have been a big deal.

It’s been a top play so far.

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