‘Suwon Prince’ Lim Seong-jin (24) is leading the mid-to-late half of this season for KEPCO.

From December of last year to the 토토사이트 beginning of last month, KEPCO, which fell into the bottom of the league after falling into a 9-game losing streak, completely revived after escaping from losing streak. They only scored 20 points in 18 matches in the 1st and 3rd rounds, but already secured 21 points in 10 matches in the 4th and 5th rounds, so it is no exaggeration to say that they have transformed into a completely different team. The team rankings have also risen vertically, and the fight for third place for ‘Spring Volleyball’ is in full swing. And at the center is Lim Seong-jin.

In a recent interview with the Hankook Ilbo, Lim Seong-jin said, “Even during a losing streak, the coach and the older brothers emphasized, ‘Let’s not lose the atmosphere.’ So there was no problem with training or life at all.” Even during a 9-game losing streak, KEPCO played a close game in full sets in 4 games and earned 4 points steadily. And that’s a big boost in the late-season fight for a playoff spot. Lim Seong-jin said, “(Even during consecutive losses) the performance and record were not bad,” he said. It was more regrettable because it was a game he could win enough. So, while training at night, he tried this and that until he couldn’t do it,” he recalled the frustrating time.Lim Seong-jin, who is in his third season since his professional debut in 2020 (2nd overall), showed growth last season as well, but this year in particular, he seems to be establishing himself as a top outside hitter in the league beyond the main team. In fact, compared to last season, the attack success rate increased by 5.3 percentage points, and the serve and blocking increased by more than 0.1 point per set, becoming very sharp. Above all, the receiving efficiency, which is the fate of outside heaters, has stabilized by more than 10 percentage points from last season to 36.3% this season. Lim Seong-jin said, “Rather than something has changed significantly, I have gained experience while playing games frequently, and it feels like I am finding my own rhythm.” His experience in international competitions, such as the AVC Cup last season, also served as a foundation for his growth. “He was stimulated technically and mentally by training with top-notch brothers and competing against world-class players. ‘It’s a good opportunity. He entered the national team with the thought that he would learn a lot unconditionally, and I think he actually learned a lot.”

At the time of his debut in 2020, Lim Seong-jin drew a lot of attention as a preliminary star with not only skills and potential, but also a good-looking appearance as the ‘newcomer’s biggest language’. However, his professional wall was not easy. His performance was below expectations, and the rookie of the year was also given to Kim Seon-ho (Hyundai Capital), who was the same age as him. Lim Seong-jin said, “It is true that the expectations around me were high and I was excited about the professional stage, too.” It didn’t work out,” he said. “I was lost a lot and I didn’t even know what I was doing,” he said. If I go back to that time, I will never waste my time like that.”

However, Lim Seong-jin is steadily developing and succeeding in a complete reversal this season, and is living up to the expectations of fans little by little. He also changed his jersey number to number 9 this season. Lim Seong-jin said, “It was a number I always wanted to have since college, but there was always a ‘different number 9’. He had a chance to wear number 9 last season, but he missed it due to an administrative procedure error. He got the No. 9 for sure this year,” he laughed.What kind of year will this season be for Lim Seong-jin? He replied, “It was a difficult season, but we are overcoming it well.” He said, “(After 9 consecutive losses) I think the opportunity has come again. I will not let go of my earnest heart during the difficult times and will keep the current good pace and advance to ‘Spring Volleyball’.” He did not hide his greed for the triple crown, which he missed unfortunately. Lim Seong-jin scored 23 points, the highest individual score in a game, including 3 blocking points and 3 sub points, in the match against KB Insurance on the 9th, but the triple crown failed as the back attack only scored 1 point.

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