Kylian Mbafe (24, Paris Saint-Germain), who dreams of becoming the next soccer emperor, has expressed his desire to go to Real Madrid.

Mbappe has been interested in Real Madrid for years. Last summer, a transfer was likely, but negotiations broke down at the last minute. He even went as far as French President Emmanuel Macron to capture the French ace. 카지노

As many people wished, Mbappe stayed at PSG, but he could not hold the Champions League trophy again, his long-cherished dream. While transfer rumors continue to flow, it is connected to Real Madrid.

Spanish Radio Marca said on the 24th, “Mbappe apologized to Real Florentino Perez. He has expressed his desire to join Real Madrid.”

Previously, Spain Sport said on the 21st, “Chairman Perez is still working on Mbappe despite being rejected last season.”

Since then, positive signals from both sides have been confirmed. Marca said: “I really hope that Mbappe will go to Real this time. Real has reached the funds in advance for other recruitment options this summer,” he said, predicting that the transfer of the century will be completed.

Real has Karim Benzema (35) still in charge of the front line, but he is in his mid-30s. Mbappe was chosen as the successor to Benzema. If Mbepa joins, expectations are high that he will work in the forefront with Real’s current and future Brazilian duo Vinicius Junior (22) and Rodrygo Goes (22).

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