There are three weeks left until the competition. The problem is the sense of actual practice during the remaining period.토토사이트

For three days from the 2nd to the 4th, at the KCC practice gym in Mabuk-ri, Yongin, the men’s basketball team (Myung-jin Seo, Doo-won Lee, Won-seok Lee, Dong-hyun Kim) participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games 3×3 played practice games to gain practical experience.

The national team, which is scheduled to leave on the 22nd, entered the Jincheon Athletes’ Village for the past month and began training through both education and tactical training to increase understanding of 3×3. Training continued as planned. However, because the opponents for practice matches were not well selected, the national team had a hard time improving their sense of practice.

The national team, which has been playing difficult 3×3 practice matches with Masterwook, Black Label Sports, and Chosun University, last week played a three-way practice match with Busan KCC and Chosun University. Even though KCC made an urgent request to recruit players two days before the practice game, they readily responded and provided training space for the national team players.

Among the KCC players, six players, including Kelvin Epistola, Jeon Tae-young, Kwak Jeong-hoon, Seo Jeong-hyeon, Yeo Jun-hyung, and Kim Seung-hyeop, participated in the practice game and were worthy partners of the national team players. Except for Kwak Jeong-hoon, who had experience with the 3×3 U23 national team in the past, most of the players were experiencing 3×3 for the first time, so it was expected that they would have difficulty adapting, but the six players quickly adapted well to the unfamiliar 3×3 and rotated with the national team players. I pushed with speed and stamina.

Of course, the national team players are still in the process of adjusting their hands and feet, so it cannot be said that they are perfect, but they have shown remarkable growth since they first started practice games three weeks ago. As recently as early August, there were some who seemed awkward at 3×3, but now, three weeks before the Asian Games, they showed that they were trying to learn the moves as well as professional 3×3 players.

Seo Myeong-jin, who is the captain and key ball handler, played a key role as the team’s focal point, and Lee Doo-won was able to maintain his center of gravity well as a reliable member of the team. Lee Won-seok, who joined the team late after recovering from an ankle injury, is busy improving his physical condition and adapting to 3×3. Kim Dong-hyun, who seemed to be lost among the four players in the early days of his convocation, now seems to have adapted to 3×3, and surprised people by taking on the role of a shooter, not only performing long-term 1-on-1 individual skills, but also confidently attempting shots from the outside.

The problem is practical sense. With only three weeks left until the competition, it is time to not only develop your sense of practical combat but also test out the tactics you have developed so far. In fact, there are some limits to improving your sense of real-life performance through practice games alone. It is especially important for national team players who have not experienced 3×3 competitions to gain a lot of practical experience. To this end, the national team tried to participate in the 5th Jecheon Tournament of the KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023, which will be held in Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province from the 9th to the 10th, but it was not feasible.

National team big man Lee Doo-won said, “The most important thing at this point is experience. Since we do not know the characteristics of the opposing team, it is important to improve our sense of actual combat and understand the characteristics of the opposing team by playing against several teams, but it is true that this is the part that we are most worried about. “I think I will have to quickly understand the characteristics of the opposing teams and adapt to them even when I go to the field,” he said. “In that respect, I am grateful that Master Wook, Chosun University, and KCC players willingly agreed to the practice game. The KCC players who played this week’s practice game are excellent players with excellent skills and also came out with a small lineup, so I feel like they clearly targeted our weaknesses with speed. “It was a great help because I thought I could always meet these difficult types of teams even at the Asian Games,” he said.

Although it is not easy to maintain a sense of real-world skills such as practice games, these players are persevering with their eyes set on the Asian Games. The national team players, who played three games without a break in a practice game that lasted over an hour against KCC and Chosun University, said, “There are only about three weeks left. I am grateful to the fans who come to the gym to support me and give me gifts even though the practice game schedule is irregular. Thanks to you, I think we can work out harder. He expressed his gratitude to the fans, saying, “We will raise the pitch during the remaining period to meet the fans’ expectations.”

The national team, which is aiming for the gold medal in the 3×3 Asian Games, will move to Goyang this week and continue practice matches with the Goyang Sono team from the 9th to the 11th.

The national team, which will leave for Hangzhou, the final battle site, on the 22nd, will conduct practice games and training to strengthen its weaknesses before leaving the country, and then head to the Asian Games 3×3 stage.

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