The major league regular season begins soon. At the same time, the troubles of the Los Angeles Angels begin. It’s because Ohtani Shohei (29) is too ‘mogul’. stay or trade

Ohtani is already a major league superstar. 2021 exploded. As a pitcher, he pitched 130.1 innings in 23 games, went 9-2 with 156 strikeouts, and posted an earned run average of 3.18. The American League MVP was also Ohtani’s share.

In the 2022 season, as a pitcher, he recorded 28 games, 166 innings, 15 wins, 9 losses, 219 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 2.33.

He is the first player in the major leagues to complete both regulation innings and regulation at bats, and is the first player to achieve 15 wins and 30 home runs at the same time. 30 home runs and 200 strikeouts are also the first. He also achieved 10 wins and 10 home runs in 104 years since Babe Ruth in 1918.

It’s not over. In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), he led the team to victory and raised the stock price. In particular, the scene where he roared after confirming the championship by striking out Mike Trout in the ninth inning in the final was ranked as the best scene ever in the WBC history.

It has been confirmed as a selection for the opening game of the 2023 season, and it will go to Auckland on the 31st. This year, we are also preparing for ‘Double Swords Sensation’. At the end of this season, he is sure to be motivated to become a free agent. Already $ 30 million in 2023 annual salary. The jackpot is certain.

‘How big a contract will come out’ is the biggest concern. Locally, the story of 500 million dollars continues to come out. The best contract ever is Trout’s 12-year, $426.5 million contract. Even $500 million is far beyond that.

In December of last year, columnist John Heyman asked nine agents to estimate Ohtani’s contract value, and five said $500 million or more. There is also someone who asserted that “the front digit always starts with 5”. Three out of the remaining four said they would be more than Trout.

The standard of 500 million dollars means a total of 50 million dollars, calculated as an annual average of 25 million dollars for pitchers and 25 million dollars for hitters. Furthermore, it was even said that a 10-year contract could come out at an annual average of $60 million, calculated as 30 million pitchers and $30 million hitter. $600 million. It’s a level that can’t even be measured.

In this way, it is the Angels who are in trouble. It is best to sit down. The problem is money after all. Already, the Angels have an estimated payroll of over $200 million in 2023. According to Spottrak, Baseball Reference, etc., it is already around $209 million. The luxury tax threshold is $233 million, so there is room for that.

But it’s already costing Trout $37.1 million a year, and Anthony Rendon $38.6 million. These two are already worth $75.7 million. If Ohtani is given 50 million dollars, it is more than 120 million dollars for the three of them. It is a formidable burden.

Besides, it is difficult to win with only these three people. Except for Ohtani in the 2022 season, there was no proper starting pitcher. Ohtani is the only pitcher in the regular innings. It wasn’t even that the bullpen was strong. Other lines also do not have a strong taste. Even Rendon, who received a huge amount of money, only played 105 games for two years from 2021 to 2022. 온라인바카라

Ohtani intermittently expressed his desire to win. After winning the WBC, he also said, “I want to win the Angels.” However, winning the World Series with the current power is unpredictable. His last postseason appearance was in 2014. The prospect that it will be difficult to advance to fall baseball this year is dominant.

If it is difficult to advance to the postseason, it is not ‘must have Ohtani’. There is another way to trade. If Ohtani is for sale, you can wipe out most of the team’s prospect packages.

On the 26th, said, “If the Angels’ advance to the postseason becomes unclear in May or June, inquiries about Ohtani will be flooded. A war will unfold,” he predicted.

Rich clubs have more than enough to salivate over. The Dodgers, Yankees, and Boston are not afraid of luxury taxes either. If you are a player like Ohtani, you should consider that even a promising player can give up as much as he wants.

No matter what situation you are in, ‘A’ is bound to be Ohtani. Of course, since there is no right to refuse trade, it is true that if a trade is made, he must move without moving, but there seems to be no reason for Ohtani, who wants to win the championship, to refuse to go to a strong team.

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