Brighton suffered damage from a misjudgment. I received an official apology from the referee. 

The Daily Mail reported on the 9th (Korean time) that “Brighton have received their third apology this season from the Premier League referee for a VAR error.”  토토사이트

“The Premier League refereeing body (PGMOL) has determined that the refusal of Japanese player Mitoma to take a penalty in Brighton’s loss to Tottenham was a serious misjudgment by the referees.” 

PGMOL president Howard Webb conceded that Tottenham Hojbjerg’s holding foul in the second half forced Brighton to win a penalty.

Brighton faced Tottenham on the 8th and lost 1-2. However, the problem was that the VAR reading was done, but an accurate decision was not made. To make matters worse, goals were canceled twice and the problem led to defeat. 

PGMOL is said to have apologized for unfavorable decisions against Brighton in the match against Crystal Palace in February and against Aston Villa in January. This is the third apology this season.

In particular, Brighton also missed a chance to equalize in the first half. Mitoma scored an equalizer after controlling a roving pass in the 17th minute of the first half, but as a result of the VAR judgment, it was ruled as a handball foul and was nullified.

However, when viewed from a different angle, it was revealed that Mitoma was trapping the ball with his chest and not his arm, causing controversy.

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