Is it the lip service of a veteran who is the team’s oldest and who is about to pitch in 1,000 career games for the first time in the KBO League, or is it a sharp tip? The stance of Jung Woo-ram (Hanwha), whom we met at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, the United States on the 4th (hereafter Korean time), is the latter. 먹튀검증

Hanwha is taking a calm, long breath, and careful approach to unlock the potential of Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. General Manager Son Hyuk said, “Honestly, out of the top-notch promising pitchers other than Hyunjin (Toronto Blue Jays) and Gwanghyuni ​​(SSG), which one exploded from the first year? There is none but the two.” This is true.

Still, it is true that the industry has a dominant view that it is worth looking forward to. The two young guns easily throw fast balls around 155 km. There is obviously a downside to the ball flying around, but the majority view is that it is a factor that can be resolved with time and experience.

From Jung Woo-ram’s point of view, Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun are a bit different. “If you look at the juniors during camp, the first and first rookie pitchers of each team have a burden. Even if you have good things, there are things that require strength. But I think these players go beyond that. So, as a senior, I want to watch him for a year.”

It is the very beginning of spring camp. Jung Woo-ram, Moon Dong-ju, and Kim Seo-hyun are not yet at the stage of active skinship. In fact, Jung Woo-ram is a very difficult senior for Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. Jung Woo-ram also has no intention of burdening them.

Jung Woo-ram said, “If I spend a year without getting sick, then I wonder if I can give you some advice. Now is not the time to give advice. They accumulate experience for a year, and based on that experience, when data comes out, they feel it and approach it first.”

Although Moon Dong-ju is in his second year, he was unable to play full-time last year due to an injury. From Jung Woo-ram’s point of view, Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun are both rookies. I didn’t have a chance to properly feel the professional world on my own. Jung Woo-ram said, “Last year when I was in the 2nd division, Dong-ju asked me about something, so I told him about my experience.”

To Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, Jeong Woo-ram is like a kind of textbook. Jung Woo-ram already knows what to say at what point and how to approach it. However, he decided that now is not the time. However, Jung Woo-ram said, “I think both of them are players who exceed the rookie level. I am also curious.” There was power in these words.

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