“It’s amazing how the line the ball will pass is drawn when you stand on the green at TPC Craig Ranch, where AT&T Byron Nelson is held. Because I’m confident in my putting, I can hit more confidently and I caught a lot of birdies.”

Lee Kyung-hoon, whom we met at the PGA Show earlier this year, revealed that the key to becoming the first Korean player to win two consecutive victories at AT&T Byron Nelson on the PGA Tour was ‘putting’. And based on confidence in the green, he threw a challenge to ‘3 consecutive wins’.

His three consecutive victories in a single tournament are rare even worldwide. Tom Watson, who was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, was the only player to win three consecutive victories in this tournament in 1980, and the players who have won three consecutive victories in a single tournament over the past 40 years are Tiger Woods, Steve Stricker (USA), and Stuart Appleby (Australia) 3 only one name If Lee Kyung-hoon wins again this year, he will be named as the fifth player in PGA Tour history to win three consecutive championships.

In a video interview conducted with Korean reporters after the practice round on the 10th (Korean time), Lee Kyung-hoon smiled brightly, saying, “I think I came here with good energy from last week’s top 10.”

He also revealed that he would focus on the process of the challenge rather than the result, saying, “I really want to win 3 times in a row, and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t greedy, but I don’t want to be held back by the pressure. He competes with many top golfers, but Lee Kyung-hoon’s real rival is ‘last year’s me’. Lee Kyung-hoon continued to change the 72-hole course record in this tournament by winning 25 under par in 2021 and 26 under par in 2022. “안전놀이터

Above all, the core that gives Lee Kyung-hoon energy is his family. In his first win, he took a commemorative photo with his pregnant wife Yu Ju-yeon, and last year he held his daughter Yuna. “If I win three straight games, now Yuna walks and runs well, so when I make the winning putt, she hopes that Yuna will run up and hug her. Then I think she will be very happy,” she smiled. There is no hot shot, but Lee Kyung-hoon has been growing steadily since entering the PGA Tour. His great challenge begins at 2:44 am on the 12th. The companions are Scotty Scheffler (USA) and Jason Day (Australia).

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