The ‘complete’ Lotte Giants is imminent.

On the 3rd, when there was no game, Lotte canceled the first-team entries of pitchers Shin Jeong-rak and Choi I-jun, and registered Na Kyun-an and Choi Jun-yong ahead of the game on the 4th. Na Kyun-ahn and Choi Jun-yong, who had been separated from the lineup due to elbow inflammation and back pain, respectively, added strength to the team by brushing aside their injuries and joining.아톰카지노

Choi Jun-yong registered for the first team in 48 days after the last match against KT in Suwon on May 14 and the first team was canceled on the 17th. When asked about Choi Jun-yong’s position, coach Larry Sutton said, “He can go out in a comfortable situation or even in a winning situation. It is best for Choi Jun-yong to go out when the team needs it, but he can come out right after the start in the 6th inning, even in a tie in the 7th inning. I can go out,” he said. “Currently, my physical condition is very good, and I think I have prepared well for the mental side.”

On the beast side, the return of Noh Jin-hyuk is right in front of you. Noh Jin-hyeok, who was on the injured list from June 15 due to a side injury, started to play in the Futures League on the 4th. Noh Jin-hyeok, who started as a shortstop and second hitter in the match against KT’s 2nd team held at Sangdong Stadium that day, scored 2 runs with 1 hit in 2 at-bats.

Regarding the timing of Noh Jin-hyeok’s call-up, Sutton said, “We are talking now. There is a possibility that he will come up on the 6th.” said. It is clear that joining the first team is close.

Regarding the players joining one after another, manager Sutton said, “There are only a few games left in the first half. I hope to push as hard as possible and finish strong before the All-Star break.” Soon after, manager Sutton added, “We need to redefine the role of relievers in particular.” Manager Sutton said, “The young pitchers came out in important situations and threw well, which helped the team win. But I think it’s time for the bullpen to play consistently. Especially in the lead situation, we need to keep the game to the end and finish there is,” he said.

“Hitters are also working very hard. They are taking a lot of training themselves to overcome the stagnant atmosphere of the batting line by practicing additionally before and after training. That’s why I hope this cycle continues to rise,” he said. If we finish the first half beyond that, I think the team will be able to rise in a better mood.”

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