The ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ regular league game is in the middle of the day. With Anyang KGC (23-10) leading the way, the competition to advance to the playoffs (PO) is getting fiercer. In particular, great interest is focused on who will be the owner of the second place with direct tickets to the semifinals PO.

2nd to 5th place 2.5G car, face-to-face match as of the

25th of the war, 2nd place Changwon LG (20-13), 3rd place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (20-14 loss), 4th place Seoul SK (19-14) 0.5 The game car is stuck close to each other. 5th place Goyang Carrot (18-16) is only 2.5 games away from LG. In particular, Carrot’s last-minute moves are noteworthy as they have won more than 50% of all the second-place rivals, recording 4 wins over Hyundai Mobis and 2 wins and 2 losses side by side against LG and SK.

LG has strong defense, Hyundai Mobis has height and balance between offense and defense, and SK has strength in offense. No one can stop Carrot’s outer shell from exploding. It is bound to be more interesting because it is a battle between teams with different charms. The relative performance is also tight. LG faced Hyundai Mobis with 2 wins and 2 losses. The rivalry between the brothers of directors Jo Sang-hyun (LG) and Jo Dong-hyun (Hyundai Mobis) adds interest to the competition for second place. Against SK, LG was pushed back with 1 win and 2 losses, while Hyundai Mobis took the lead with 2 wins and 1 loss. It is noteworthy that the rankings may fluctuate depending on the results of future confrontations.

The 6th place Jeonju KCC (16-18), which is the last line for advancing into the PO, is still in a situation where it is not safe. They have recently lost 3 matches in a row and allowed them to pursue. The gap with 7th place Suwon KT (14-19), which lost two consecutive losses, is only 1.5 games away, and the pursuit of 8th place Wonju DB (14-20) and 9th place Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (13-19) It’s not easy. The game difference between KCC and KOGAS is only two games, so the rankings can change at any time. 메이저놀이터

KCC has ups and downs in its performance, but the triangular formation of Heo Woong-Lee Seung-hyun-Ra Gun-ah remains intact. KT, which has entered the main track after replacing foreign players, is reassured by the presence of center Ha Yoon-gi, who has grown rapidly. Gas Corporation has ups and downs in its performance, but the presence of ace Lee Dae-sung is significant. Team management is a variable for DB, which struggled with injuries to key players at each critical moment.

●Leading KGC’s run, until when?

KGC, which has been consistently leading since the opening, still doesn’t know. The gap with second place LG is 3 games. Coach Kim Sang-sik’s mercenary skills and thick depth are cruising, but after the 3rd round, they recorded 9 wins and 6 losses, and the overwhelming appearance they showed until the 2nd round (14 wins and 4 losses) has faded somewhat. However, the fact that they had an advantage over LG (2 wins and 1 loss), Hyundai Mobis, SK, and Carrot (above 3 wins and 1 loss) and their performance, which has been revived with 4 wins and 1 loss in the last 5 games, are hopeful elements.

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