The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is already in its 5th year. The general evaluation of each country’s strength is accumulating, and the point where the game is divided in the course of the tournament is also becoming a certain pattern.

Against this backdrop, more specific predictions have become possible. On the 20th, ‘Sports Kidda’, a global sports media, predicted the results of related questions on the subject of 5 predictions for the 2023 WBC.메이저사이트

First of all, it is whether the United States, which is no different from the host country, advances to the final. The media predicted that the US finals would be frustrated. Regarding this, he cited Japan and the Dominican Republic as the most likely finalists, saying, “The United States is the winning team in 2017, but it will be difficult to reach the final stage this time.” The reason the U.S.’s outlook was bleak was the view that it lacked the pitching power to sustain the mound firmly until the final.

At that point, the second prediction is contained. It is pointed out that “the United States has great offense, but it will struggle because of its pitching power.” In particular, as Nestor Cortés (New York Yankees) and Clayton Kershaw (LA Dodgers), who had declared participation in the tournament, failed to participate due to injuries and insurance issues, respectively, it was predicted that the lack of pitching power compared to competing countries would play a major role.

In an extension, the third prediction follows. It is said that the Dominican Republic is the most powerful team to win this tournament.Unlike the United States, the Dominican Republic received high marks for pitching ability to lead the tournament at its best. In the Republic of Domichina, starting pitchers such as Sandy Alcantara (Miami), who won the National League Cy Young Award with an ERA of 2.28 with an average of 2.28 ERA last year, and Christian Javier (Houston) with an ERA of 2.54 with an average of 11 wins and 9 losses last year, and Gregory Soto who finished with 30 saves last year (Philadelphia) and other excellent bullpen pitchers are included, creating harmony on the mound.

Another prediction is the first round elimination of Puerto Rico, one of the baseball powerhouses. The reason is simple. It is unfortunate that they are included in Group D with the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. Ranked 3rd in the group.

The last 5th prediction was for a specific player. It was predicted that Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) would perform at the top in the WBC as he did in the major leagues. “He is the best in the major leagues. He must be the best player in the world,” he wrote, “no one can do as well as Ohtani does.”

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