One lie that I recently read in a comparison between land-based and online craps is that the latter offers better comps. But the reality is that brick-and-mortar casinos have superior rewards.

Land-based casinos usually comp craps players at a 0.1% rate on total bets. This means you’ll receive $1 in comps for every $1,000 wagered.

You can earn an even higher rate if you make risky prop bets. But I don’t suggest doing this just for the sake of earning more rewards, because your theoretical losses will be much greater than the comps.

Online casinos usually only comp slots players at a 0.1% rate. This isn’t good considering that internet slots have a higher house edge than craps. 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, online craps players only receive 30% to 50% of the rewards as a slots player. Here’s a comparison on to expect in terms of land-based and online casino rewards:

What’s worse is that some online casinos exclude craps players entirely from comps. The same casinos also exclude baccarat, blackjack, European roulette, and video poker players from rewards, because these games all have low house edges.

The fact that land-based casinos always comp gamblers and some online casinos don’t offer anything is a black mark against internet craps.

But there’s a saving grace here in the form of deposit bonuses. Online casinos offer deposit bonuses to encourage gamblers to continue playing for real money.

These bonuses are normally expressed in the form of a match percentage. And you need to meet wagering requirements to cash out your bonus.

The math shows that online craps deposit bonuses reward you at 2.5x the rate as land-based casino comps.

Again, the idea that online casinos offer better comps than brick-and-mortar establishments is a lie. But you can see that this is a complicated matter when introducing deposit bonuses into the matter.

The fact is that you can get rewarded well at both land-based and internet casinos. But where you receive the better rewards varies based on the comps and bonuses involved.

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