“(Moon) Sung-gon is the best defender in the league.”

Ahead of the next season, Suwon KT has undergone major changes. After finishing eighth in the league last season despite having a good roster, Song Young-jin took over as head coach, and new coaches Park Ji-hyun and Kim Young-hwan joined the team. Yang Hong-seok, the centrepiece of the attack, left for Changwon LG as a free agent, while KT added Moon Sung-gon, who led Anyang KGC to the championship.메이저놀이터

KT convened the squad on the 1st of this month to begin preparations for the upcoming season, starting with physical fitness tests. Moon Sung-gon was also present to say hello. Moon will join the squad from the 9th as the team played the season until early May, including the seventh game of the championship final last season.

Coach Kim Young-hwan faced Moon Sung-gon as an opponent last season, but in the new season, they will be on the same side of the table as coaches. As a former player himself, how does he view Moon Sung-gon?

“I think he’s one of the best defenders in the league, and his defence is already proven, but I think he has some ups and downs in his offence because he puts a lot of energy into it. If we can control this part well and talk about it, I think he will be able to show his capabilities on the outside. I think the presence of Sung-gon will be a strength in rebounding and defence.”

After last season, coaches Kim Young-hwan and Kim Dong-wook retired. The average age of the team has dropped significantly, with ace Heo Hoon joining the team in November after being discharged from the military.

“We have a lot of offensive players like (Heo) Hoon in the team, so I want him to be the centre of the defence. We’ll have to talk in detail about what kind of play we want, but I’m also looking forward to the offensive part. I know he’s an exemplary player who works hard in the gym and in life. We have a lot of young players, so I hope he can hold the centre well. Even though he switched teams, he’s been playing in the KBL for a long time, so he’ll have no problem adjusting because he knows everything.”

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