“Dating and marriage are always open. My ideal type is…”

Pak Se-ri (46), CEO of Bars International, who recently had an interview with Sports Seoul at her office in Gangnam, Seoul, repeated “Thankfully~” and “Fortunately~” at the end of her words. Although she is a pioneer representing the Korean golf world who has built a golden pagoda as the youngest member of the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame and the holder of the most wins (25 wins) in Korea, she attributes her achievements to luck through her constant efforts and thanks to her juniors and others around her. Don’t forget to be humble.

I went to the United States to fulfill my dream as a player and went to the United States and had a lot of hardships in an unfamiliar foreign life, but ‘luckily’ I achieved my goal, and I became the starting point and the ability of my juniors improved and Korean golf grew rapidly. It was thanks to him for following the path of ‘Sungjae’ well, and when he thought about what he could do as a senior after retirement, there were a lot of things.

Even the slump that caught my ankle for about a year and a half in the past was very painful and difficult, but it was the most rewarding and valuable time. I was grateful that it was a time when I realized that I was lacking and learned how to appreciate my surroundings while looking around. Even after his retirement, he introduced the Pak Se-ri brand in various categories such as wine and sunscreen. He recently joined hands with Yongin City to build a golf R & D center and Seri Park (tentative name), standing on a new starting line, saying, “I am making one by one and doing what I want to do to the point of being called a really lucky person.” 먹튀검증

In addition, Pak Se-ri’s expression brightened when asked about marriage. “Before going to the United States, my goals were to win a major tournament, get into the Hall of Fame, and even get married. After winning the major championship, I wanted to get married at the age of 27, and I had a boyfriend at the time, but I couldn’t get married.” did. “I think there will be a relationship someday. You can get married a little later, but dating is okay,” he said, trembling with pride, saying, “But like I said a lot on the air, no one has come to visit me yet.”

Pak Se-ri confessed on the air that, befitting the sports star that the late fashion designer Andre Kim loved, she went up on the stage of Andre Kim’s fashion show several times in a wedding dress, misleading the public into misunderstanding that she was divorced after marriage.

As for her ideal type, “I like someone who is comfortable like a friend. I see it every day, I don’t feel burdened even if I smile and share it, and I wish I could always be by your side no matter what I do,” she said with a shy smile.

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