‘Cutiful’ Hyun-kyung Park is working on match play with determination.

Park Hyun-kyung defeated Park Ji-young in the round of 16 of the ‘KLPGA Tour 2023 Doosan Match Play Championship’ held at Ladena CC located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 20th and advanced to the quarterfinals.

Park Hyeon-kyung, who advanced to the tournament after blowing the whistle of all three victories in the group stage earlier, confirmed her victory (2 & 1) in the round of 16 with the 18th hole remaining against ‘difficult enemy’ Park Ji-young.

Park Hyeon-kyung, who finished the round, said, “I participated in this tournament with great pride after being eliminated in the preliminary round last year. Physical fitness is important in match play, so I trained hard for it, and it feels good to advance to the quarterfinals.”

Park Hyun-kyung also defeated Park Ji-young in the 16th Gangseo in 2021, two years before her. However, her final grade was eliminated in the quarterfinals.메이저놀이터

Regarding this, Park Hyun-kyung said, “Even if it wasn’t so, after the game (Park) Ji-young said that she would not let go if she fell as soon as she reached the quarterfinals.” It’s like that,” he laughed.

At the same time, Park Hyun-kyung added, “This season, the putt feeling is the best. Thanks to putts of ambiguous distance until the round of 16, she was able to rise to the quarterfinals without giving up the atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Park Hyeon-kyung is in a match-up with Roh Seung-hee in the quarterfinals for a ticket to the semifinals.

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