In the third match of the women’s volleyball championship decision, the road construction defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance with the performance of the main player Park Jung-ah, and succeeded in counterattacking after two consecutive losses.

The road construction, which suffered two consecutive losses in the Incheon expedition, was driven to the edge of the cliff by giving up a set in the third match.먹튀검증

At the moment of crisis, the main gun, Park Jung-ah, flew up.

In the second half of the tense 2nd set, they scored 3 points in a row and turned the game around by raising the set point.

The momentum rose, and the road construction team won the 3rd set with the serve of newcomer Lee Ye-eun, and in the 4th set, a triangular formation exploded with Park Jung-ah, Bae Yu-na, and Catbell, winning a 3-1 victory over Heungkuk Life Insurance and successfully counterattacking.

[Park Jung-ah / Korea Expressway Corporation: (2 consecutive losses) I was hurt. We reflected a lot on our poor performance, and I think that’s why good performance came out.]

Heungkuk Life Insurance was excited about the referee’s decision and collapsed, delaying the championship celebration to the next time.

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