Jung Chan-min (24), a long hitter who represents the Korean Tour, aims to enter the PGA Tour in earnest.

On the 13th, Jung Chan-min tied for 11th place with a 3-under-par 69 in the first round of the DB Insurance Promy Open, the opening game of the KPGA Korean Tour 2023 season, which is being held at the Old Course at Ravi Bell CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Jeong Chan-min recorded a drive shot distance of 317.111 yards last year, which is the first record in the history of the Korean Tour since records began to be tallied.

In particular, in the opening game of the day, he was assigned to a group with two special players, and he played a round with Park Jun-seop (309.243 yards) and Kim Min-jun (304.269 yards), who ranked 2nd and 3rd in drive shot distance. In other words, it was a stage where you could see the cool shots of the long hitters who represent the KPGA tour.

Jeong Chan-min said, “Even if it’s not the case, before the game, we laughed at each other, asking how we could arrange the group like this. I think that’s why I had more fun.”

However, Jeong Chan-min could not send the ball the farthest that day. Jeong Chan-min’s maximum distance came from the 9th hole, measured at 342 yards, and Kim Min-jun took a step forward with 344 yards. 카지노사이트

When asked about the 2nd consecutive loss of drive shot distance, Jeong Chan-min said, “But since I did it once, I don’t care too much. Rather than that, I’m trying to prepare for the US tour I’ve been dreaming of in earnest.”

In fact, Jung Chan-min participated in the PGA Conferri Tour Astara Chile Classic held in Chile at the end of last month. The result was unfortunately eliminated from the cutoff. Jeong Chan-min said, “Actually, it’s only been 6 days since I returned to Korea, so I can’t adjust to the jet lag.”

He continued, “But after playing this tournament, I thought, ‘So far, I haven’t played golf in vain.’” Since I was eliminated in the last tournament in Chile, I will focus on the Korean tour for the time being and try again in September.”

Lastly, when asked how far he has achieved his dream of advancing to the PGA Tour, Jung Chan-min said, “I think I have reached 60-70%.”

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