The Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat gave an unusually detailed explanation of the new rules that will be introduced from this season. However, the controversy has not abated.

The American media 바카라사이트 The Athletic said on the 19th (Korean time), “MLB Vice President of Strategy Joe Martinez recently held rule briefings in Arizona and Florida, respectively.”

The two areas are currently where major league teams are holding spring training. The secretariat introduced the changed regulations through a presentation and received dozens of questions from reporters. In addition to the slideshow, he showed a demonstration at the stadium and on the spot.

The media praised the secretariat’s attempt, saying, “From the media’s point of view, the changed rules were explained transparently, and we tried to make sure that fans could understand them well.” “It’s a matter of course, because regulatory changes are so important,” he added.

Major League Baseball introduces several new rules starting this season. First of all, there is a ‘pitch clock’ that limits the time to enter the pitch. Pitchers must come into pitching motion within 15 seconds without runners and 20 seconds with runners present. If this is exceeded, the referee will declare a ball. If the batter does not return to bat within 8 seconds, a strike is called.

In addition, to prevent extreme defensive shifts, the Major League Secretariat ordered two infielders on each side of the second base base. Players cannot get out of the infield dirt to defend. Also, as the size of the base increases from 15 inches (approximately 38 cm) to 18 inches (approximately 46 cm), it is highly likely that ‘ball baseball’ will be actively attempted.

There are also officials who complain about this. According to another media outlet, the Houston Chronicle, Houston closer Ryan Presley (35) said, “I’m ‘old school’. That’s why I don’t like the pitch clock very much.” He continued, “I can throw fast if I set my mind to it, but why should I do it when I don’t have to?”

As dissatisfaction comes from within, the secretariat is trying its best to explain. The Athletic said, “It is shocking that MLB held a presentation itself,” and “It is unimaginable to hold two seminars to receive so many questions and gather as many reporters as possible.

After all, the problem is that everything is the first time. The rules introduced this year have been tested for years in independent and minor leagues, but no one knows how they will work at the big league level. It could shake the balance of the league.

“There is uncertainty about how players and fans will accept the new rules, and how this will work in practice,” the media claimed.

The MLB Secretariat expects a certain amount of trial and error. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred acknowledged that “there are risks,” but said, “Without risks, there is no change.” At the same time, he said, “There will be an adjustment period, and I hope there will be no major problems during this period.”

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