A certified agent who will support players’ negotiations was revealed on the 15th. On the 15th (Friday), the LCK League Corporation and the Korea Esports Association officially announced the 41 people who have been recognized as ‘LCK Authorized Agents’.안전놀이터

‘LCK Certified Agent’ is a system that has been in operation since last year to select and manage agents with professional capabilities to help players smoothly negotiate and conclude contracts in League of Legends eSports. Following the introduction of the system last year, a qualification test process was added for the first time this year and a new certified agent was established, contributing to the improvement of the system.

This year’s LCK certified agent system began with application and qualification screening in May, followed by seminars and mock exams in June. The seminar consisted of ▲agent rulebook, ▲LCK integrated league rulebook, ▲National Sports Promotion Act, ▲Contract Act, ▲player standard contract and agent standard contract that certified agents must know. In addition, in order to create a differentiated qualification test, a test committee composed of experts in each field was established to come up with questions, and a mock test was also conducted to provide an opportunity to experience the test before the qualification test. The qualification test was held in August, and 34 out of 44 test takers passed, showing a passing rate of approximately 77%.

There are 33 LCK certified agents who passed both the qualification review and qualification test this year, and there are 8 direct ascendant agents. This year, the final 41 LCK certified agents were registered, and the full list can be found on the official website.

Those who have recently qualified as LCK certified agents can work for up to two years. If you complete an additional seminar one year after obtaining the certification, you can extend the certification for another year. Afterwards, you must go through the same qualification review and qualification test procedures as a new agent. At the end of this year, we plan to provide information on major changes to the 2024 league through an additional briefing session for LCK certified agents.

Meanwhile, LCK authorized agents conduct contract negotiations and salary adjustment (designated as one person) on behalf of LCK and LCK CL players and coaching staff, and are responsible for negotiating and concluding other profitable contracts. Players are provided with an environment where they can focus solely on the game by utilizing professional personnel who manage marketing, contract negotiations, etc., and the league protects the rights and interests of players and teams and provides stable e-mail through active intervention and sanctions in the event of agent-related violations or disputes. It can help maintain the sports ecosystem. This system is operated by the Korea e-Sports Association using its capabilities as an e-sports competition organization, and the LCK corporation plays the role of management and supervision.

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