Former Tottenham coach Antonio Conte preferred defense-oriented soccer rather than attack. On the other hand, new coach Enzi Postekoglou uses attacking soccer.토토사이트

As a result, Tottenham’s football style this season has completely changed. By focusing on persistent offensive soccer rather than defense, the results improve and, more than anything, it is fun to watch.

Son Heung-min also expressed satisfaction with Coach Postekoglou’s attacking soccer. He was able to fully demonstrate his strengths. Last season, Son Heung-min’s form was ruined due to injuries and a play that focused on defense rather than attack.

According to British statistical companies, Tottenham’s average league goals scored under Conte last season was 1.84, but in Postekoglou’s attacking football, the average was 2.75 goals. There was almost one more goal.

Expected goals also increased from 1.52 goals last season to 1984 this season.

The number of shots has also increased. Under Conte it was 13.63 per game, but under Postekoglu it is 18. The number of effective shots also increased from 5.24 to 7.

The average number of ball touches in the opponent’s penalty box also increased significantly from 23.63 last season to 43.25 this season.

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