“I felt like I was treated properly.”

‘Youngest Champion’ Kim Ye-eun (Welcome Savings Bank) is drawing attention as a young ace who will lead the next generation of LPBA. Previously, he calmly brushed off his regrets this season. 

I could feel the freshness of a 20-year-old and the composure of a professional who has gone through all the battles in his 20s, as he sat comfortably face to face for a long time and talked about things he couldn’t say after the game and stories outside of the game. In the previous interview, he expressed his gratitude to all of his team members and told a small story with a more refined look. 

■ ‘Four Rivers of Fear’? (Kim) Bomi unnie is my ‘community of destiny’ 

LPBA players compete intensely on the table, but they are close friends who have a strong bond of sympathy outside the stadium. A consensus as a player, a similar position, the same stadium and federation, and the PBA stage, crying and laughing, and sometimes rejoicing in other people’s championships as if they were my own. It is a good rival. 

Kim Ye-eun and Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) are like that. From the fact that both of them started their careers as athletes by their fathers, every little thing resembled them like a mirror. Kim Ye-eun also made a connection with billiards through the guidance of her father, a former player who ran a billiard room.

She had no choice but to communicate with Kim Bo-mi, who was in a similar position. However, unlike Kim Ye-eun, who started winning the LPBA relatively quickly after entering the LPBA, Kim Bo-mi seldom made it to the finals. He had decent skills to the extent that he made it to the semifinals only 7 times, but he was not lucky. Kim Ye-eun has supported and supported Kim Bo-mi’s victory more strongly than anyone else.

“Actually, since we’re close, we tease each other lightly rather than comforting each other. Let’s laugh and have a hard time. That’s why I gave my sister the nickname ‘Fear 4′” Kim Bo-mi, at the Crown Haitai Championship this season, is the first professional finalist in her life

. entered the stage. Although they were narrowly defeated by Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort) and took the runner-up, they showed off their menacing skills enough to turn a 1-3 match into a 3-3 match at once. 

Kim Ye-eun said that when she saw Kim Bo-mi’s final stage at the time, she “shed tears”. He said, “My sister shed tears as she went to the first final, and she cried together. I want to continue walking the same path in the future.” 

■ ‘Sad memories of this blonde…’

If you are a billiards fan who has been watching Kim Ye-eun’s matches, you will pay attention to another special point besides her skills. It is his colorful hairstyle that changes every competition. Sometimes blonde, sometimes pink hair with large ribbons or large pins, etc., their presence is very distinct and catches the eye.  

His hairstyle originated from the mindset of being ‘professional’. Professional players care as much about appearance as they do about their skills. It is for this reason that there is a ‘Best Dressed’ category in various professional sports awards ceremonies such as golf and basketball. In addition, his colorful hair has another interesting ‘net function (?)’. 

He said, “Actually, if I think about a certain game, I don’t immediately remember it, but I remember what kind of game it was when I look at the hairstyle in the photo of the competition at the time. The most memorable game because I was most upset was this season’s Team League Champions Final, which was pushed back to runner-up. In the match, Kim Ye-eun had long, bright blonde hair. 

■ Professional player’s dream ‘Spotlight’ 

Any player who walks the path of a professional player wishes for high grades as well as splendid media exposure and spotlight. 

However, the existing billiards stage was a gentleman’s sport that saw the game with quietness rather than splendor. When it comes to ‘billiard player’, the image of a player wearing a suit vest with a dark bow tie and solemnly holding a cue comes to mind first.  온라인카지노

However, as times changed and professional billiards officially launched, the image of the competition changed drastically. Cheerleaders dance like in other professional sports in a large stadium, wear casual uniforms with sponsor patches, cheering culture is born, and spotlights shine on the star’s billiard table. You can often witness (?) the main characters of another competition who come out in cosplay or dance in the audience at every competition. 

Regarding this, Kim Ye-eun said, “I came to the PBA stage and thought that I was quite systematic as a pro.” He said, “The size of the PBA stage is quite large, but personally, I was the first to agree to the launch of the PBA.” “he said.

The best thing he picked was the ‘support and cheers of the crowd’. Kim Ye-eun said, “All sports have spectators, and I see them as a taste of cheering. Wasn’t it really fun when I cheered for Korea during the Qatar World Cup?” I think this kind of cheering culture is the joy that real sports can give.” 

Then, besides billiards, are there any sports that you enjoy or do as a hobby? When asked about this, he picked professional volleyball as his favorite sport without hesitation. My favorite teams are Korean Air for men and KGC Ginseng Corporation for women.

Like this, the affection for sports was deep enough to pick ‘my favorite team’ at once in other sports. It was a different look, no different from other sports fans who are thrilled at the stadium. 

Kim Ye-eun, who started her story seriously and ended it refreshingly, said to the billiards fans who supported her, “I ask for a lot of love and support in the future. I will show you how to work harder in the World Championship and the next game.” He expressed his bold and lively determination. 

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