A slot machine’s payout table lists the various combinations that the machine will pay out if hit. These payout tables are displayed in some form, usually graphically, on the side of a display screen or on the surface of the machine in another section of the machine. Online slot machines display a payout table next to the screen on which the slots spin. Alternatively, 토토사이트 the machine provides a payout table button that can be pressed to display the payout table at any time.

Paytables may seem daunting when you first meet them, but they essentially represent different combinations of symbols and slots that pay out at different percentages. Given that you can’t do anything to manipulate the spins of the slots and reels, you don’t need to memorize or fully understand the payout table as the machine automatically pays out according to it. However, having a basic understanding of how it works can’t hurt.

In its most basic form, slot machines pay out if you hit certain combinations (such as 5 bananas in a row). It’s simple.   But they also pay out for more complex combinations, for example three bananas in the same row, a wild symbol in a random row, and a cherry in a designated position. The payout table graphically displays these combinations, along with the factor by which your bet is multiplied if you hit a combination that determines the payout for your bet.

When you hit this combination on the actual slots screen, a line connecting the different symbols will appear, indicating that you have hit the combination on the slots screen. You can then check the payout table to see what the payout factor is for that particular combination.

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