On the 25th, Kim Gwang-hyun will board a plane to 먹튀검증 Florida, where the SSG spring camp will be held. The team departing on the 30th departs earlier than the main base. Kim Gwang-hyun returns home after having a mini-camp in Okinawa, Japan with five junior left-handed pitchers, and starts preparing in earnest for the team’s second consecutive victory with the WBC (World Baseball Classic) to be held in March.

Kim Gwang-hyun, whom I met ahead of departure, said, “It’s burdensome because I have to play this year when I signed the contract last year, but I still throw at the call of the country, and because it is my ability, I will try to stand on the mound in good shape.” told

In this competition, where he is free to choose a participating country depending on his parents’ country or place of birth, Kim Gwang-hyun also meets and breathes again with Korean-American Edman, who he had been with in St. Louis. Edmund said in a local interview that he was looking forward to meeting Kwang-Hyun Kim.

Kim Gwang-hyun also expressed his anticipation for the reunion with Edmund. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “(St. Louis’s campsite) Jupiter is right next door, so I tried to go and talk to him myself. I remember talking about it in passing, saying that if I go to WBC, I might meet him.” I look forward to it,” he said.

He said of Edmund, “He was a very comfortable player.

It will be a busy camp. Kim Gwang-hyun said, “If you think that you need to build your body faster or increase the intensity with WBC, injuries may come. I guess I’ll have to make it.”

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