“It’s so much fun. This is my first overseas spring camp, and I really like being able to train outside in good weather.”

When I asked the rookie player how he felt about the camp, he gave me this answer.

Moon Hyun-bin (19), 카지노 an infielder who joined the Hanwha Eagles in the 2023 rookie draft, was the only rookie beast to be included in the first team spring camp.

Since last year’s finishing camp, general manager Sohn Hyuk and manager Carlos Subero caught the eye of ‘sincerity’, which has become Moon Hyun-bin’s trademark. Director Son Hyuk said that Moon Hyun-bin’s eyes shake his heart.

General Manager Son Hyuk said, “I say that I do not trust the newcomer because if I include it with all my strength, it will hurt the team if I do not meet the expectations.” .

Then, she praised, “Looking at the attitude and eyes in training, he looks so earnest and eager to do anything that it feels like ‘that player can do anything’.”

Hitting coach Kim Nam-hyung also said, “I was surprised that a new player has an established personal routine for batting training, and the understanding or the part that makes changes when he is not good is great.” .

Moon Hyun-bin said, “While training with her seniors, I feel that my basic skills are lacking a lot.”

He added, “Thanks to the good words and advice from many seniors, I seem to have adapted to some extent. My goal is to enter the first team this season and play.”

Rather, the team is concerned that the newcomer will over-pace ahead of time and get injured or overloaded. That’s why the coaching staff and training part are guiding how to adjust the pace.

Defensive coach Choi Yoon-seok said, “(Moon) Hyun-bin is trying to do all the catches and throws in defense training, so he is rather discouraging him to adjust the pace.” And his defensive sense is better than he thought,” he praised.

However, he added, “Because I still lack experience, I will have to grow while receiving real hits through real battles and training.”

Rather than being conscious of competing for positions, Moon Hyun-bin said he wanted to believe in himself and train hard so that he could go through the camp and season without injury.

Moon Hyun-bin said, “Internal competition is fierce, so all the seniors and classmates who train hard in Arizona and Kochi are competitors.” I want to work hard and achieve my goal of entering the first team this year,” he laughed.

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