‘Express rookie’ Kim Min-seo won the rookie award and championship MVP There

was no more surprise. Samcheok City Hall in women’s handball achieved a combined championship for two consecutive years (1st place in the regular league and championship match).

Samcheok City Hall, the first place in the regular league, beat the Busan Facilities Corporation in fourth place 30-25 in the second game of the 2022-2023 season SK Handball Korea League Women’s Championship (Best of 3) held at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 7th. Samcheok City Hall, who had previously won the first game 30-26, finished the season in the highest position with a smile in the second game that day. Samcheok City Hall, which tasted the combined championship last season, achieved two consecutive seasons and solidified its position as the strongest in women’s handball.

Samcheok City Hall, who was drawn 13-14 in the first half, was in a tight match with 21-21 in the second half, and Kim Bo-eun (26), Kim Min-seo (19), and Kim On-a (35) scored in a row to solidify their victory. The Busan Facilities Corporation, which came up by defeating the top teams in the semi-playoffs and playoffs in a row, failed to overcome its physical inferiority in the second half and collapsed.

‘Express youngest’ Kim Min-seo is responsible for the most goals (3 assists) of both teams on this day, and in the championship game, he scored the team’s most goals, 16 goals, and won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) as well as the rookie award this season. enjoyed Since the launch of the Handball Korea League in 2011, Kim Min-seo is the first player to win the Rookie of the Year award and MVP in the championship match at the same time. Kim Bo-eun contributed 5 goals (5 assists) and Kim On-ah contributed 3 goals (4 assists). Goalkeepers Park Mi-ra (36) and Park Sae-young (29) also took turns securing the goal.

Until the start of this season, no one picked Samcheok City Hall as a candidate for the championship. It was the winning team last year, but Kim Bo-eun was the only player taller than 170 cm among the main players, excluding the goalkeeper, and it was a ‘short team’, and Lee Hyo-jin (29), who was the main player of the team, also left for Incheon City Hall.

However, Kim Min-seo, who was selected as the MVP by leading Korea to victory at the World Women’s Youth Handball Championship held last year, exploded by ranking 2nd in scoring (142 goals) and 4th in assists (97 assists) from the first year of her debut, and Kim On-a, a former national team member, took her place. Joined and centered. Coach Lee Gye-cheong (55), who has been in charge of Samcheok City Hall since 2003, also played a role in ‘speed handball’, which focused on counterattacks and quick attacks, using the relatively small players’ physiques.메이저사이트

Coach Lee said, “I prepared with the players since November of last year. He suffered a lot with the players for 7 months, such as training (scolding the players) and sometimes having to play the villain, but I am so happy that I won 2 consecutive losses.”

Kim Min-seo said, “I was embarrassed because I didn’t think that I would be even awarded the MVP of the championship match.” He continued, “It’s still amazing to play games with (Kim) Ona. I want to rest for a while.”

Kim Min-seo is evaluated as a member of the national team’centerback’ to succeed Kim On-ah, who has represented Korea in numerous international competitions. If Kim On-ah is the present of women’s handball, Kim Min-seo is the future. Regarding this, Kim On-ah said, “Miseo (already) has grown well and came to our team. She plays handball to the best of her ability,” she praised. Then she said, “Actually, her knee was not in very good condition today. I also got an injection yesterday. I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” she said with a smirk. “Finally, I want to thank the fans. I know very well that you are taking time out of your personal time. I am very grateful for this part. It was the fans’ wish that I had a long career as a player. I will work on this,” she said.

On the way out after the interview, Kim Min-seo and Kim On-a signed autographs for the fans who were waiting for them and took pictures together. A player needs to have fans to shine. Samcheok City Hall’s ‘Spring Handball’ ended brilliantly like this.

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