Scott Rolen, who has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, has decided which team will be engraved on his plaque.

The Hall of Fame announced on its official website on the 18th (Korean time) the selection of plaques for inducted members in 2023.메이저사이트

According to this, Rolen will have a St. Louis Cardinals hat engraved on his plaque.

The choice of a hat for an inducted member of the Hall of Fame is a hot topic. If you’re a player who only played for one team, there’s no problem, but if you’re a player who’s played for multiple teams like Rolen, it’s bound to be a hot topic. This is because once engraved on a plaque, it is recorded forever.

Rolen, who spent seven years with the Philadelphia Phillies, six years with the St. Louis, four years with the Cincinnati Reds and two years with the Toronto Blue Jays, said he chose the St. Louis cap “after looking back on his career.”

Entering through a ballot by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA), he said he believes this selection “accurately reflects the fact that I experienced success as a team in St. Louis and that this was a turning point in my career.”

As a member of St. Louis, Rolen advanced to the postseason three times, participated in the World Series twice in 2004 and 2006, and won the championship ring in 2006. Considering that he shared the brightest moment of his career.

He also thanked the other teams he went through for “giving me a chance to play as a player and treating me and my family well.”

There are players who can’t pick a team and don’t have their team logo engraved on their nameplate caps. Fred McGriff, who is heading to Cooperstown this time with a vote by the Council of Elders, is one such case.

Having played five seasons each for the Tampa Bay Rays, Atlanta Braves and Toronto Blue Jays, three seasons for the San Diego Padres, two seasons for the Chicago Cubs and one season for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he chose not to have his team logo on his plaque.

“With every team I’ve been on, I’ve been part of memorable teams and have had the good fortune to play in front of some of the best fans. After discussions with the Hall of Fame, Toronto, where I started my career, Atlanta, where I won the World Series, my hometown of Tampa Bay, and my time in San Diego, I decided to represent all these cities and their incredible fans equally.” Explained.

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