Jeonbuk Hyundai will play its first home game of the season against Suwon Samsung.

Jeonbuk will play Suwon and Hanawon Q K League 1 2023 Round 2 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 5th at 2pm.

Jeonbuk suffered a blow in the opening game against Ulsan Hyundai, so they need to change the mood through their first win of the season.

What Jeonbuk expects is an overwhelming opponent record. Last season, they met Suwon four times, including the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, and won all of them, and they are significantly ahead with 9 wins and 1 loss in their recent 10 league matches.먹튀검증

In Jeonbuk, Lee Dong-jun was out of power due to injury, but Song Min-gyu and Amano Jun, who collaborated on the opening game attack points, and Cho Kyu-seong, who acted as the frontline striker, are preparing the line for victory.

This match is also attracting attention as Kim Bo-kyung, who transferred from Jeonbuk to Suwon this season, returns to Jeonju-seong to face his former team.

In addition, comedians Kim Min-kyung and Oh Na-mi will participate in the match, and during halftime, a special performance by the K-Tigers, a Taekwondo club, and cheerleader Da-Hye Lee will visit Jeonju Castle to meet fans.

Manager Kim Sang-shik said, “It is a game that must be won. I will ring the first celebration of the season in front of the home fans.”

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