Shin Jin-seo 9 dan, Ahn Seong-jun 9 dan, and Park Gun-ho 7 dan advanced to the quarterfinals of the 1st Quzhou Ranker Cup World Go Open.

In the round of 16 held at the Quzhou Culture and Arts Center in Zhejiang Province, China on the 6th, Park Geon-ho, who consistently led the other side with an advantage against China’s Xie Erhao 9th Dan, won with a black Buddha victory at the end of 215 moves, announcing the victory first.

Gun-ho Park, 7th Dan, is currently ranked 11th in the Korean Kiwon rankings. Then, Shin Jin-seo, 9P, beat China’s Ding Hao, 9P, and made it to the quarterfinals. Shin Jin-seo, 9-dan, recorded 27 consecutive wins and has been winning since February 26th.스포츠토토

Ahn Seong-jun, 9th Dan, who fought for the longest time among Korean players, won by non-success over China’s Tao Xinran, 9th Dan.

A total of five Chinese players, including Gu Zihao, 9th Dan, advanced to the quarterfinals. In the round of 32, Taiwan’s Lai Jun-fu 8th dan, who created a surprise by defeating Ke Jie 9th dan, promised the next round by losing to China’s Tan Xiao 9th dan. As a result, the quarterfinals were compressed into a showdown between 3 Koreans and 5 Chinese players.

In the match draw held after the match, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, will face China’s Li Wei-qing, 9th Dan. Ahn Seong-jun 9 dan and Park Geon-ho 7 dan were matched against Gu Zi-hao 9 dan and Wang Sing-hao 8 dan, respectively.

The world rankings (Go Ratings) are ▲Shin Jin-seo, 9th, 1st, Wang Singhao, 8th, 5th, Gu Zhao, 9th, 6th, Li Wei-qing, 9th, 10th, Park Gun-ho, 7th, 45th, Ahn Seong-jun, 9th, 47th. The quarterfinals will be held on the 8th at the Cultural Arts Center in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.

The prize money for the first Quzhou Lanke Cup World Go Open is 1.8 million yuan (about 350 million won), and the runner-up prize money is 600,000 yuan (115 million won). Applying Chinese Go rules, the bonus is 7 and a half, and the time limit is 5 countdowns of 1 minute in 2 hours each.

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