The feud between Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is reaching its peak.

Mbappe has refused to renew his contract with PSG. The contract between Mbappe and PSG is until next year. With Mbappe refusing to extend his contract, he was allowed to leave the team for free next year. PSG is sticking to their will to never allow this situation.카지노사이트

PSG is presenting conciliatory measures, such as suspension of salary payments to Mbafe, benches throughout the next season, and conditions of 1.4 trillion won for 10 years, but Mbafe is not shaken. He seems unwilling to renew his contract.

Mbappe said, “PSG is a divided team. It is a team that is not helpful to win the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).”

In the end, PSG excluded Mbappe from the list of Asian tours that will be held from the 25th. And we are preparing for even stronger measures. PSG’s cruel ‘taming Mbape’ began.

PSG is a team that wins the league like a meal, and the most important competition is the UCL. Mbappe is also setting the UCL as the number one goal. The UCL championship is also essential to inherit the royal lineage of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, PSG is planning to tear up this wind of mbape. If Mbappe does not renew his contract with PSG, he will not be registered as a UCL player for the next season following his exclusion from the Asian tour. In other words, it is promoting unregistered UCL players. It means that I can’t play in UCL.

This is a cruel act that tramples on all of Mbappe’s dreams and passions.

Spain’s ‘As’ said, “PSG has endured enough. Excluding the Asian tour is only the first step. PSG will send Mbappe to the stands throughout next season. In particular, for this purpose, Mbappe may not be registered as PSG’s UCL player next season.”

He added, “The only way for Mbappe to return to the field is to accept a renewal contract as requested by PGS. Otherwise, there will be no place for Mbappe in PSG next season. Such serious measures are proof that PSG will not persevere any longer.”

In fact, PSG is in a situation where they are in trouble. The French Association of Professional Footballers (UNFP) strongly protested against this. They released a statement and warned that they would not stand idly by PSG’s abuse of power.

UNFP said: “All players have the right to enjoy the same working conditions. Pressure on players, including through deteriorating working conditions, constitutes harassment to force employers to do what they want. French law adamantly denies this. UNFP will take criminal and civil action against any club that behaves in this way. We will defend the rights of our players.”

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