Tottenham, who signed Danjuma (Netherlands) and Porro (Spain), were evaluated as having a disappointing winter transfer window.

Tottenham strengthened the side by 메이저사이트 signing Danjuma and Poro through the winter transfer market. On the 1st (Korean time) ahead of the transfer market deadline, Tottenham announced the lease of Spence (England) and the termination of the contract of Doherty (Ireland), then confirmed the transfer and closed the transfer market.

The British BBC introduced the winter transfer market performance of Premier League clubs with ratings. Tottenham scored 5 points in the winter transfer market rating. Wenham, who evaluated Tottenham’s transfer market, said, ‘Tottenham have recruited the prisoner they were aiming for, but it is dissatisfying that they failed to confirm the transfer on January 1 and confirmed the transfer 11 minutes before the transfer window deadline. We got Danzuma, but there was no goalkeeper, centre-back or creative player.’

Chelsea, who signed Enzo Fernandez (Argentina) for the highest transfer fee ever in the Premier League ahead of the transfer market deadline, recorded a transfer market rating of 9 points. Chelsea continued to aggressively recruit players such as Moudrik (Ukraine) and Juan Felix (Portugal) through this transfer window. Chelsea, which spent 292 million pounds (approximately 443.7 billion won) in transfer fees in the transfer market last summer, spent 600 million pounds (approximately 910.2 billion won) by recruiting 18 players this season alone when adding the transfer market this winter.

Bournemouth, Fulham, Wolverhampton, and Southampton, including Premier League leaders Arsenal, were also evaluated as having made good player reinforcements by receiving a rating of 9 in the winter transfer market. Manchester United, who signed Verhost (Netherlands) and Sabitzer (Austria), scored 8 points. Liverpool and Manchester City were mentioned as failing to make the signings fans expected, staying at 4 points in the winter transfer window.

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