Atletico Madrid had time to breathe with domestic soccer fans through an open training event.

On the 26th, at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, an open training was held following the pre-press conference between Atletico Madrid and Team K-League.체스카지노

Director Diego Simeone and captain Koke, who attended the press conference, expressed their gratitude to the fans for their hospitality from the time they arrived the day before. Coach Simeone said, “Thank you for welcoming me. When I arrived at the airport, many people waited for me at the hotel. I will work hard so that the fans coming to the stadium can enjoy it.”

During the open training, many fans welcomed the players. As the start time approached 7:00, Atlético players began to show their appearance on the ground, and the fans who had been waiting since entering early greeted the team with applause and cheers. Some players from Team K-League, including Cezinya and Zeca, also watched Atletico’s training the next day from the stands.

Training Start Time Despite heavy rain, Atlético started training at 7:00 as scheduled. Divided into goalkeepers and field players, they warmed up for about 20 minutes by spinning the ball. Fans shouted the names of players warming up, and players occasionally raised their hands to greet them.

At 7:20 the players gathered in the center of the field. A small ground was formed with goalposts on both sides, and after forming a formation, mini-game training was conducted. Except for one fixed player wearing a white vest, it was a way to divide into three teams of eight people and play a mini-game by taking turns in two teams. Coach Simeone blew the whistle and led the training. Fans cheered and applauded each time a goal was scored or a save was made and enjoyed open training.

After the mini-game, which lasted for about 20 minutes, the players gathered in a circle and finished training with stretching. Coach Simeone, who was tidying up the surroundings of the stadium, kicked the ball towards the stands and delivered a surprise gift to the fans. The players responded to the fans’ support by applauding and greeting the crowd.

Atletico, who visited Korea for the first time, will play two games through the 2023 Coupang Play Series. After facing Team K-League on the 27th, they will face Manchester City on the 30th.

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