Seoul SK and Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which faced each other in the 2021-22 season Korea Professional Basketball (KBL) Championship, will temporarily get out of the KBL league and set out to conquer the East Asian stage.

SK and KGC Ginseng Corporation will participate in the 2023 East Asian Super League (EASL) Super Week held in Utsunomiya and Okinawa, Japan from the 1st to the 5th. EASL is a tournament that encompasses major professional basketball leagues in East Asia, and eight professional teams representing Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan participate.

Due to their country’s professional league schedule, the participating teams will only play two matches each in the preliminaries.

KBL ‘defending champion’ SK will have its first match against Bay Area Dragons (Hong Kong) on ​​the 2nd, and the second match against TNT Tropang Giga (Philippines) on the 3rd. KGC Ginseng Corporation will face off against San Miguel Beerman (Philippines) on the 4th after having the first round of preliminary rounds against Fubon Braves (Taiwan) on the 1st.

The Bay Area Dragons, which SK faces in the first round of the qualifiers, is a new team founded in 2021. The main members were composed of players from mainland China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Chinese national team member Liu Chuanxing and 211 cm tall Zhang Zhiwen belong to it. It is also the team of Andrew Nicholson, who played for Daegu Korea Gas Corporation last season.

TNT Tropang Giga is a strong team that has won the top spot in the Philippine League (PBA) seven times, and also finished runner-up in the Philippine Cup last September. Ronde Hollis Jefferson, who was recently expelled from Jeonju KCC for sabotage, is also a member of this team.

KGC Ginseng Corporation’s first match opponent, Fubon Braves, recently won the Taiwan League (P. LEAGUE+) for the second consecutive season. Launched in 2020, the relatively short history of P. LEAGUE+ is hidden in a veil due to its nature.

San Miguel Beerman boasts the longest history (established in 1975) among the teams participating in this tournament. It is a traditional powerhouse with 27 league championships. Jesse Goban, who played for KBL, belongs to it.메이저사이트

Unlike KBL, this tournament allows two foreign players to be put in at the same time. For this reason, watching the new player combination of SK and KGC Ginseng Corporation is the point of watching this tournament. SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “Jamie Warney and Leon Williams have never played together, but they seem to fit well.” We will prepare many things,” he said.

Darryl Monroe and Omari Spellman of KGC Ginseng Corporation worked together in training held at Utsunomiya Gymnasium in Japan on the 28th, changing places outside and under the goal post. Director Kim Sang-sik of KGC Ginseng Corporation laughed, saying, “Both players play well, both inside and outside.” Regarding the running ‘triple post’, he hinted, “I will look at the situation during the game and make it ‘experimental’

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