It’s hot. It is salt spring. Rather than a strange example of rain and heat overlapping. Today (the 11th) is only Chobok. That means summer is far away. The cool breeze is still far away. It stays at the far north end. However, there are already people who are worried about fall.카지노

It’s Monday without baseball. Yesterday (10th) several communities were hot. It’s because of the meaningful prediction. ‘A nuclear bomb will explode today.’ There were no specifics. However, the author of the post is known to be a Twins fan. Because of this, speculations abounded. I guessed that it was something about the team.

Smoke begins to rise from the chimney. It blooms rapidly. It is reproduced as a specific rumor and grows bigger and bigger. It’s a joke about trade. The headline that caught my attention was this one. ‘An announcement will be made in exchange for the selection of teams in the metropolitan area.’ The storyline is that the price includes one young beast and a draft pick.

There is another one. It is about the exchange of foreign pitchers. The opponent is a local club. It is also expected that it will be made under auxiliary conditions including the right to name. Or, there were also rumors that the replacement of foreign pitchers was imminent.

But in the end, Monday passed. The emptiness left behind by Hutficial filled the bulletin board. Futility turns into disappointment and anger. ‘I was properly bitten by rice cake’ ‘I waited, but in the end it sucks’ ‘It’s like last year again’ ‘It must be a smoke screen. Let’s wait’ ‘what the hell is the fall baseball plan’… .

It’s a fan jargon. It means ‘some’. So it’s an abbreviation for ‘some fans’. Although not mainstream, it refers to a few who have strong and prominent opinions or arguments. Of course, that can’t be a good thing. It implies a sense of distance that is different from my will.

According to the claim, it is a ‘part’ of that. Some Twins fans are very concerned. in the next 3-4 months. worry about fall If I keep going like this, will I be able to fulfill my longing? Isn’t it like last year’s upset? It’s hard to shake off that anxiety. So they scold, criticize, and urge.

There is only one reason. The selection team is not trustworthy. If you want to win the premiership, you need to have a good starting lineup from 1 to 3. No, even a one-two punch should be sure. But, except for Adam Plutko, I’m not convinced. Of course, that’s a valid point. That’s pretty much the only problem with LG’s current power supply.

Above all, Casey Kelly’s pace is too slow. I thought it would be fine, it would be fine Sluggishness lasts a long time. Because of this, there are rumors of replacement. In order to make any change, you have to meet deadlines. It must be done by the end of July to be able to play in the postseason.

However, it is not clear that there are domestic groups. Lim Chan-gyu is fine, but he needs more trust. There is no fixed 4-5 selection. There are only several candidates. The audition is still in progress. Casting will take a long time. So it seems that ‘some’ are on edge these days.

talk again Some comments are very pertinent. And that’s a reasonable argument. The plausibility is sufficient. I believe it to be an inference based on facts to some extent.

but. Even so.

The Twins are no better now. It’s a mighty number one. This is an excellent team. He is the only one with a win rate of over 60%. The gap with last year’s champion (Landers) is gradually widening. It has become a 2.5 game difference. And you can’t even see underneath it. It is a distant target that all teams envy.

There is nothing to complain about. It’s another ship with no place to rest. The team’s batting average (0.287) is, of course, number one. The bullpen is also the best. It’s to the point where Pil Seung-jo returns to two. Thanks to that, the team’s ERA (3.63) is also the lowest. The infield and outfield defense is also solid. It’s hard to find a lame place. Thanks to that, even a 4-5 point difference makes opponents scared. It’s because of the scary back heart that chases and turns over.

How long has it been since you ran in front? There is no worry about drinking dust. It’s still a long way from bringing out the glossy jumper. ready for fall? There are other people who know how to do that. The front office has dozens of people. The supervising coach puts heads together every day. They are also urgent and desperate parties.

The long wait is over. Just enjoy it for now. Cheer to your heart’s content and sing. You are well deserving of it.

-yeon’s return at the end of the first half is expected to be a great boost to KT.

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