The Sports Ethics Center issued a press release and announced its official position that some remarks made by Seo Young-gil, CEO of Gimpo FC, at the press conference were not true.

Regarding the incident in April of last year in which teenager A, a member of the Gimpo FC youth team, made an extreme choice in the dormitory building, CEO Seo announced his resignation through a press conference at Gimpo Salter Stadium on the 6th.

It is said that the suicide note left by Group A, who died at the time, contained claims that there had been verbal abuse by team leaders and bullying by colleagues. filed an application for provisional disposition of suspension of business against , to the Bucheon Branch of the Incheon District Court. The leaders were eventually booked by the police, and the Korea Football Association also initiated disciplinary procedures against these leaders. Gimpo FC dismissed the leaders involved in the incident, and CEO Seo also decided to step down.

CEO Seo said at a press conference, “As a result of the personnel committee, it was decided to dismiss the head coach and three coaches involved in the incident. At the same time, six students who were suspected of school violence were found to be ‘no charges’ as a result of the investigation by the Bucheon Support Office in Gyeonggi-do. “This incident is entirely my fault as the CEO. I will take full responsibility and resign as the CEO of Gimpo FC.” 먹튀검증

Regarding the delayed response pointed out by the bereaved families and civic groups, CEO Seo expressed regret over the delay in the announcement of the investigation results. He said, “Last year, while renewing the contract, I told the leaders that if they were guilty, they should be punished unconditionally. There is no ‘. I had a meeting with my parents based on the information I received at the time, and through this, I decided to renew the contract.” “When the first death case came out, it was a much bigger issue than now. I thought that the investigation would be done quickly. We were in a waiting position. Even the students were involved. He also expressed his frustration, saying, ‘It’s too much, the child died, so can the investigation be delayed?’

The Sports Ethics Center issued a press release on the morning of the 7th related to this remark. “For about eight months from the beginning of May 2022, we secured statements from 26 people involved, and conducted a thorough investigation, such as confirming the fact of damage through an in-depth investigation of 12 accused people,” he said. “Investigation around August Gimpo FC’s claim that the investigator in charge of the Sports Ethics Center said, “There is no problem. There is no charge,” is different from the truth.”

In addition, the Sports Ethics Center said, “In accordance with Article 18-9 of the National Sports Promotion Act, we investigate the case received and request the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism to make a disciplinary request through a decision of the Deliberation Committee.”

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